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The majority of vaporizers require the use of finely ground herbs. There are few models that work well with herbs that are only crushed with fingers. To be able to use the rest of the devices, you will have to grind the herbs with a dry herb grinder. Different vaporizers work well with different types of herbs texture.

For example, conduction models (the ones that heat the material with the walls of the chamber) work best with very finely ground, almost sand-like herbs. This kind of texture guarantees a better contact between the herbs and the walls of the heating chamber.

Convection models, in turn, heat the herbs with a stream of hot air and they work best with medium-ground material. Very small particles might be carried by the stream of hot air and get into the mouthpiece. Medium-sized particles will stay in the chamber or will be stopped by the screen that covers it. If you have any doubts about which herb grinder to choose for your vaporizer, contact us and our experts will be happy to help!