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The Swiss Grinder FUTURE is a high quality grinder featuring 2 grinding discs, a chamber for the ground dry herb and a spacious storage area.

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Swiss Grinder FUTURE – A grinder for extraordinary purposes!

The Swiss Grinder FUTURE is a high quality dry herb grinder that can handle even the most dense and resinous flowers. The chamber in which the herbs are placed before grinding is very spacious, allowing you to grind more herbs at once and avoid spilling them. The clever design of the Swiss Grinder FUTURE and the wide anti-friction ring make it easy and effortless to grind even the most compact dry herb.

Medium or fine texture? You decide!

The Swiss Grinder FUTURE comes with 2 replaceable grinding discs, which allow you to achieve a medium or fine herb consistency. Thanks to this, Swiss Grinder FUTURE is designed to adapt to all your needs and fulfill all your expectations. You no longer need separate grinders for conduction and convection vaporizers!

Swiss Grinder FUTURE – clever design

The Swiss Grinder FUTURE is not fitted with a pollen separating screen, so all the plant material will be waiting for you in its lowest chamber. Thanks to a fairly large size (diameter 62 mm), the lower chamber can also be used as a handy tray from which you can transfer the ground flowers to your vaporizer. The top compartment of the Swiss Grinder FUTURE, offers a spacious dry herb storage, which is very practical. Despite its large size, the FUTURE grinder is quite light, making it very easy to transport. We highly recommend it!

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    A grinder that produces superb quality grind while being a pleasure to use

    AV (verified owner)

    This is a 3 piece grinder with swappable plates, where you can get a medium and a fine grind. It’s incredibly quick to grind, smooth in operation and has a few extra features that make it stand out.

    Specs: 5.6 cm in height, 196g of weight with either plate; 2.6 cm in height, 75g of weight as the container; 6.2 cm in width/diameter.


    Up until now, I wouldn’t have thought of describing a grinder as “powerful”, but that’s exactly what this one is. I started using it by first breaking up the herb and arranging it in a circle around the center. The top sat down on the herb with its short teeth, I turned less than 10 times, the top came down and I felt no resistance. I took the top off to see where the problem is, to see it was done!

    These days, I put whole nugs in there, the largest being about the width of the grinder and it performs just as well. The turning action is smooth, it’s very satisfying feeling the top lower down as the bud is quickly ground down.

    The design is interesting, similar in finish to Swiss Grinder Fire, but taller and heavier. It feels great while being handled, the rounded top and bottom add to the ergonomics, so do the notched grips.

    The part with the logo screws off from the grinding top to act as storage, which I admittedly don’t use very often, but it can hold at least 5g of herb.

    The bottom part, where the ground herb falls is about 1/3 smaller, which is still a lot for ground herb.

    The part with the bottom plate has tall walls, and the top part with the teeth has an extension with grooves that prevent ground herb from getting to the edges where the two pieces meet, even if you turn the grinder upside down or shake it. It remains very clean.

    The plates are switchable. The medium plate has 12 0.4mm diameter holes, as well as longer shapes. The fine plate has 44 0.2mm diameter holes, and again longer shapes. Both have the same amount of teeth. I don’t use the medium plate, but some may find the option useful. The fine plate, on the other hand, is phenomenal.

    When using the fine plate, the herb ends up fine, fluffy, and I mean truly fluffy, where it is springy to the touch, it’s even in size, it set a new standard for me.

    While the grinder is technically a 3 piece, it separates into 5 pieces, it’s very easy to clean, doesn’t seem to need cleaning with iso as often as other grinders if brushed down as needed.

    Also, since the bottom compartment is rounded, if you use dosing capsules like me, you can just move the cap near the edge in a circle to fill it, and use your finger to compress the herb a bit and close the cap. No tray needed, you can do it anywhere with no mess.

    Another extra is that the top and bottom pieces can be screwed together to create a smell-proof case for carrying your herb around that fits in your pocket, and holds a lot of ground herb.


    It’s definitely on the heavy side and for the lack of a kief catcher, it’s quite tall.

    I don’t see the usefulness in the top compartment for the amount of space it takes.

    Pieces of herb often get stuck in the fine plate holes, it’s good to have a toothpick to push them through.

    No instructions. Not sure if you can soak it. Don’t throw away the ring.


    This is a grinder that lives up to it’s name. It’s unapologetically large, slightly heavy, but a few turns is all it needs to justify itself. If I had to recommend one grinder to people, it’s this one. It gets a perfect 10/10 from me.

    Thank you for reading this review and I hope you enjoy this product as much as I do. Happy vaping!

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      Lucas z VapeFully

      Thank you very much for your feedback! πŸ™‚

      Team VapeFully

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