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Arizer Extreme Q 6.0 stands out for its effective extraction of flowers, its smooth and delicious vapor and the excellent value for money. It is considered the best vaporizer from the Canadian brand Arizer, the manufacturer of the legendary Solo and Air, as well as the stationary V-Tower.





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Arizer Extreme Q 6.0 Vaporizer

Arizer Extreme Q 6.0 is considered the best vaporizer in the product line of Canadian brand Arizer, the manufacturer of Solo and Air, as well as the legendary stationary V-Tower. The Extreme Q gained world-wide popularity when it was first launched, thanks to its effective convection extraction, the smoothness and superbe taste of its vapor and its excellent value for money. 

This desktop vape features a multi-purpose heater and comfortably allows you to inhale both through a silicone tubing system, balloons or an aromatherapy dish. The included remote control lets you conveniently access and adjust all the vaporizer’s features and settings from a distance. A new, chrome black design and a blue sublight make it also a treat for the eyes. A water filtration system is also available that cools down and improves the taste of the vapor.

The highest vapor quality

Extreme Q produces the highest quality vapor. For the best results, it requires a significant amount of dry flowers to fill its high-volume herb chamber (0,4 g) – the borosilicate glass Cyclone Bowl. However, if you desire a lighter session, we have found a solution that doesn’t affect the performanceusing the so-called elbow adapter. Instead of filling up the glass herb chamber directly, load your flowers in the screen located at the end of the elbow adapter. Using this method you can achieve an unbelievably dense vapor even with small amounts of herbs (like 0,1g), as the stream of hot air will be concentrated on the total mass of the herbs. 

For all the users who enjoy different inhalation methods or often entertain guests, Arizer is equipped with a glass adapter that makes it possible to connect balloon bags. Extreme Q is doing very well with this inhalation method, but we should point out two minor drawbacks…

A few words about Extreme Q’s operation

The first drawback in Extreme Q’s operation is the time needed for filling up the balloons, which is somewhat slow (you have to wait for up to 5 minutes…) The second one is the fact that the adapter itself is not the most user-friendly – separating the glass tubing from the rubber adapter needs some practice. We recommend inserting the tubing only a few millimeters deep. Don’t worry about any possible leakage, we can guarantee there will be none.

The vaporizer is controlled by a remote control and for the time being, it’s the only device with this kind of feature. The comfort of this accessory is fantastic. Perhaps often you won’t mind changing the settings manually, but the times when you are just too lazy to move… the remote is a lifesaver!

Perfect for aromatherapy

Even more, if you own a power adapter for USB-Infrared Port you can actually fully automate your ExtremeQ and set it to fill up the balloon just before you wake up. With the use of the remote control, you can control the temperature, the speed of the fan, the automatic switch-off time, the backlighting and sounds. Impressive!

The special aromatherapy dish is a very practical accessory. If you would like to get rid of some smells, like the ones of the previously vaporized herbs, you can add a bit of clove or put a swab moistened with essential oils and… a few seconds later, your room will smell like a field of lavender

Another great addition to the set is a glass stirring tool. It will help you empty your herb chamber of spent flowers, load and pack new herbs and stir your plant material during the session. The colorful spiral merged into the glass makes it look beautiful and inconspicuous.

The heating process takes only 3 minutes, although it is recommended to wait another 10 minutes so that all the glass components get properly warmed up, otherwise they cool down the hot air stream. At this point, the vaporizer will be ready to impress both your guests and the host of the party.

Impressive temperature range

Another impressive aspect is the temperature range, which goes from 40 to 260° C and is the widest gamut offered on the market. However, you should remember that 260°C means that careless users could burn their herbs, so we don’t recommend setting the temperature above 230 degrees.

Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer is a device that offers quite some practical solutions to its users. The possibility of using both a one metre silicone tube or balloon bags lets you bring some variety to your sessions, while the remote control allows you to adjust your Custom Session Settings from the comfort of your couch.

If high levels of performance and comfort are important to you, but you also look for elegance and superb vapor quality, if you enjoy aromatherapy, you will surely fall in love with this device. Highly recommended!

Benefits and Defects

  • high quality vapor;
  • possibility to use both silicone tube and balloon bags;
  • broad range of temperatures;
  • stylish design;
  • aromatherapy adaptor;
  • remote control;
  • stirring tool.
  • the balloon fills up slowly;
  • not very user-friendly balloon adapter;
  • long heat-up time.


– Extreme Q 6.0 multi-purpose Heater;
– power adaptor;
– 2x herb chamber;
– glass Cyclone Bowl
– aromatherapy dish;
– 2x glass mouthpieces;
– glass stirring tool;
– 1 metre silicone whip;
– 4x screens;
– 2x balloons;
– remote control;
– manual.

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  1. Hip


    What is Elbow-Pack?
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  2. K0lec


    Can my EXTREME Q can be connected to electricity all the time?
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  3. I will be

    I will be

    Yesterday purchased (personally received greetings and thanks to the men of sellers great atmosphere and service)
    The first surprise already when buying … Size about half of Bong. Nice device heats up to the selected temperature, after the first heating to 260 ° C (sterilization about 10-15 minutes, the lack of foreign fragrances from the beginning was enough, but as they recommend why not) the time for the test came. According to the conversation set 180 ° C to this Elbow-Pack, 2 adults quite familiar with the subject. After about 5 minutes, when the sack was filled … Like a second surprise where this smoke … Come back, there is nothing? The first breath … and yet there is a smell, the taste of OMG! Quick hand after the sack … Q6 switched to 190 ° C Sack to full …. Smoke appears is visible: D In comparison with bong, barely what, but better than at 180. armpits, the armpits distributed after a while feel that it works , but to be sure again 190 ° C an additional bag and what will not hurt there. Lightness, freshness, pleasure, taste, smell and this power clearly feel a stronger effect. Surprise No. 3 After the end I weighed the used dried 0.08g next time I will pay before. To sum up the revelation, I recommend 100% bongo went to the wardrobe, I am tempted to connect them to Q6 for water filtration but this is the next time.
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    How to clean a silicone hose?
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  5. Kiki


    I highly recommend it Wapa, really great equipment! Balloon, tube, pilot, full service, comfortable convenience 🙂 I bought about 2 weeks ago, I use every day and I am very happy. I hope it can withstand as long as possible! I hesitated between Extreme and Volcano Classic, but I don’t regret it, I’m happy.
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