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The Vapman is a miniature flame-fuelled portable vaporizer that delivers incredible vapor and is extremely economical. Each piece is handmade in Italy.

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vapman vaporizer
Vapman 115,59 195,00 

Vapman Vaporizer

Vapman Vaporizer allows for instant inhalation of high quality vapor. It is suited for microdosing, i.e. using very small amounts of dry herb for a session. This means great extraction efficiency and savings on plant material, making Vapman the perfect vaporizer for those who wish to reduce the amount of dry herb used, while enjoying the intense effects. The Vapman is a flame-fuelled vaporizer – the flame of a torch lighter provides the heat needed to extract the active substances from the herbs. The vaporizer is really small and compact, and can easily fit into the smallest pocket, making it a perfect portable companion for all your adventures. All components have been designed in Switzerland, handmade and assembled in Italy, to offer the highest possible quality of workmanship and materials. 

Vapman’s latest release is even better!

The Vapman is back! This is an incredible flame-powered vaporizer in a new version. Originally the Vapman was manufactured in Switzerland, but after the company’s owner retired, the brand was taken over by two ambitious young Italians who started learning from the master and then moved the production to the north of Italy. The new Vapman features a number of improvements over its prototype and is made with the utmost care from fine olive wood naturally found in Italy. Each piece is handmade and delivered in an eco-friendly wooden box. For easy daily storage, the vaporizer also comes with a protective “egg” – a smell proof case which is now made from eco-friendly hemp plastic. There are 2 versions of Vapman available: Classic (with mica thermal protection) and Pure (without thermal protection). 

We also offer Vapman vaporisers with the new AFC (Air Flow Control) mouthpiece, allowing the vapour density to be adjusted.

100% analogue on-demand vaporizer

The Vapman is a 100% analogue device – it has no batteries and no electrical or electronic components, which virtually eliminates the possibility of failure. The majority of the components are made from top quality olive wood, stainless steel and brass, while the thermal casing of the Classic version is made of mica ceramic. The base of the vaporizer is heated by a flame, which transfers the heat to the herb chamber, where vaporization takes place. Although the Vapman provides 100% conduction heat, it is also an on-demand vaporizer – it delivers tasty vapor only 6 seconds after applying the flame, although this time may be even shorter – it depends on how you adjust the flame of your lighter. The small size of the chamber and instant heating make the Vapman an extremely efficient vaporizer. This model is perfect for microdosing. The Vapman has no battery, so there is no need to remember to charge it or charge it. The only accessory you need to start your session is a torch lighter.

Precious materials, high quality vapor

The vapor produced by the Vapman vaporizer is very high quality, thanks to the precious materials used in the production of this device – the interior of the copper chamber is covered with a layer of 24-carat gold. As a result, the flavor of the vapor is perfectly clean and you can enjoy the pure, wonderful aroma of your herbs. In addition, the Vapman features a system of nozzles that provide extra air to the vapor path. This ensures that the vapor will always be at a comfortable temperature and will not irritate your throat or respiratory tract. By covering the air inlets on the mouthpiece, you can influence the density and temperature of the vapor during your inhalation. The vapor’s effect can be surprisingly intense, which is unusual for such a miniature vaporizer with an even smaller chamber.

Huge savings on herbs

By far, the biggest advantage of the Vapman vaporizer is its performance. You can produce a few satisfying inhalations of vapor using as little as 0.05 g! Of course, you can also fill the vaporizer with a slightly larger amount of dry herb, which will result in a greater number of inhalations. However big or small your session the quality of the vapor will never deteriorate – even using microscopic amounts of dry herb you will be able to enjoy premium inhalations. The Vapman allows you to use whatever small amount of dry herb, which translates into a huge extraction efficiency beyond the reach of other vaporizer models. So, if you want to significantly reduce the amount of dry herb used and at the same time enjoy a pleasurable vaping experience – Vapman is the perfect vaporizer for you! Using the Vapman vaporizer is a wonderful ritual that is easy to fall in love with.

Vapman Vaporizer – available in many versions

We offer two versions of Vapman vaporizers: Pure and Classic. They differ in terms of thermal protection – in the Pure version, the wood has no additional protection and as a result, a layer of soot may appear on it over time. This has no impact on the safety of use, but some users simply don’t visually like it. For them, the Classic version of the Vapman, which has heating protection made of a thin layer of mica ceramic, will work out better. Apart from the exterior, both models function in the same way and provide an equally wonderful experience. There are different versions of the mouthpiece available – from sturdy plastic (P.O.M.) to natural wood, to Inox steel and titanium.

Regardless of the version you choose, the Vapman is a genuine Swiss design combined with luxurious Italian craftsmanship. At the same time, it is an extremely economical portable vaporizer that you can take with you virtually anywhere, enjoying on all your adventures the great vapor quality it produces.


– Vapman Vaporizer;
– Funnel for chamber filling;
– Cleaning brush;
– Screwdriver;
– Hemp plastic case for odor proof storage;
– Ecological wooden box;
– Vapman torch lighter;
– User manual.

Vapman - Pros

– high quality of vapor and flavor;
– top quality of workmanship and materials used;
– the possibility of “microdosing” dry herb;
– great efficiency;
– extremely fast heating;

Vapman - Cons

– temperature control requires some practice;
– is not suitable for group inhalations.

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    Vapman Pure

    Johnny (verified owner)

    This is my third Vapman (after OG pear basic and walnut classic) and having loved the Swiss models, this Italian one performs equally well and dare I say is the best looking of the bunch. The pure version which I got differs from the previous basic versions in that the wood is treated and sanded, so the only difference between the pure and the classic now is the mica shield on the bottom which supposedly is better in retaining the heat. Having both basic and classic versions, I see no difference in performance so I’d say the mica is mainly there for aesthetic reasons in case you’re going for that steam-punkish vibe.

    The Vapman is perfect for microdosing and it’s hands down the best vaporiser for cbd hash out of them all; get a concentrate screen and the glass mouthpiece and baby, you got a stew going!

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      Lucas z VapeFully

      Thank you very much for your feedback! 🙂

      Team VapeFully

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