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Rekomendowane dla Ciebie

Do you use a flame-powered vaporizer or are you thinking about buying one? Or are you a dabbing fan? If so, you’ll need a butane torch lighter or a jet-flame lighter. You will find a wide selection of high-quality lighters and torch lighters in our product range. For DynaVap vaporizers (VapCap M, NonaVong, HydraVong, OmniVong, OmniVap), a jet lighter with more than one flame will come in handy – it will make the cap of your VapCap warm up faster. However, if you need a lighter for a Sticky Brick Labs Vape (Lotus or Vapman), then we recommend a single-flame model with a jet directed at a 90° angle in relation to the handle of the lighter. In turn, the largest jet-flame lighters are perfect for dabbing – they let you heat your nail without worrying about overheating the lighter. If you’re not sure which torch lighter will be the best solution for your vaporizer – contact us! Our experts will be happy to help you choose the model best suited for your needs.