HydroBrick Maxx Vaporizer

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HydroBrick Maxx is a 100% convection, on-demand vaporizer that generates superb and silky vapor within seconds and produces huge clouds of vapor.

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HydroBrick Maxx

HydroBrick Maxx is considered the most advanced product among Sticky Brick Labs’s flame-fuelled portable vaporizers. Just like other models, HydroBrick Maxx is a fully convection, on-demand vaporizer that generates superb and silky vapor within seconds and produces huge clouds of vapor. HydroBrick Maxx features a glass 18 mm male joint, the same one found on HydroBrick, which allows you to connect your device to a water filter.

Hand-made perfection

HydroBrick Maxx also features a borosilicate glass mouthpiece, the same one from The Brick, offering you the choice between using it with or without a water pipe. HydroBrick Maxx offers a really efficient extraction — dense clouds, intense aromas and rich, active substances.The warm air that vaporizes the herbs is heated with the flame of a butane torch lighter.

The heating process is completely safe and after a slight learning curve, you will be able to control and personalize your sessions with absolute ease. HydroBrick Maxx is hand-made in the USA and comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

The best in family

HydroBrick Maxx is the best vaporizer in the StickyBrick family. It features all the prime characteristics of other StickyBrick models (top quality aromatic vapor, high extraction efficiency, on-demand vaporization, no batteries or electronic components) and a fusion of all the most important practical functions of The Brick (long glass mouthpiece that cools down the vapor) and HydroBrick (18mm joint for water filter installation).

As a result, we get a really versatile, multi-purpose masterpiece. The glass male 18 mm joint allows for the installation of an extended glass mouthpiece, a hydratube water filter or a silicone tube with an 18 mm joint that lets you connect HydroBrick Maxx to the majority of water pipes.

The highest quality

Additionally, HydroBrick Maxx has a compartment for a glass herb container (which is a part of the set) and another slot for a tool that serves for mixing the herbs in the chamber. HydroBrick Maxx vaporizer also features a wooden cap that protects all the glass elements during transport or storage. All the wooden elements are attached to one another through strong magnets.

HydroBrick Maxx is made of high-quality wood (you can choose between cherry and iroko wood) and durable borosilicate glass. This vaporizer has no battery or any electronic components. The source of heat is a butane torch lighter (so-called jet-flame lighter).

Mechanical technique

The air heated with the flame of a torch lighter is sucked into the heating chamber, producing only convection heat. The use of a torch lighter is entirely safe for your health if you use good quality butane. Combusted butane breaks down into water vapor and carbon dioxide – in quantities completely safe for your health.

A can of good quality butane (e.g. Colibri) is quite affordable and lasts around 2 months of daily use of HydroBrick. High quality butane is available at our online Vapefully store.

Although HydroBrick is an analog and portable device, it is mostly suited for home use. It guarantees a great vaping experience both when you use the water filter or the glass mouthpiece. When using the latter, the vapor is fresh and smooththe mouthpiece is long and wide so the vapor is cooled down to a comfortable temperature that allows longer draws.

Amazing performance

Water filtration cools down and moistens the vapor (which prevents throat irritation) so you can take even deeper breaths and make even bigger clouds of thick vapor that look like smoke. Regardless of the method you choose, HydroBrick Maxx will literally sweep you off your feet!

The chamber of HydroBrick Maxx can be loaded with any amount of dry flowers. Your sessions can start with as little as 0.1 g, the herbs just need to cover the screen of the herb chamber. You can vape as much as 0.4 g at once.

It doesn’t matter whether you use coarsely or finely ground herbs – HydroBrick Max does a great job either way, which makes it a very user-friendly vaping experience. The only parts that require cleaning are the glass 18 mm joint, the glass mouthpiece and the silicone tube. 

The best extraction efficiency available

Thanks to its on-demand vaporization, the possibility to load a very small amount of herbs and rich, aromatic vapor, HydroBrick Maxx is the most efficient vaporizer in our product range. It will help you save huge amounts on flowers, never compromising the quality of the vaping experience!

The variety of options – with or without a water filter – and its compatibility with the majority of standard water pipes make HydroBrick Maxx one of the most versatile vaporizers available. HydroBrick Maxx is a real treat for fans of huge clouds and water filtration! Lifetime warranty, just like in the case of other Sticky Brick Lab products, is a further vote of confidence for this great vaporizer.


– HydroBrick Maxx vaporizer from Sticky Brick Labs;
– 18 mm male glass joint;
– silicone tube with 18 mm joints (to attach water filter/bong);
– glass mouthpiece;
– glass herb container;
– metal mixer;
– set of 5 spare screens;
– 2 wooden picks for herb mixing and screens removal;
– two plugs to close the air inlet;
– manual.

HydroBrick Maxx - Pros

– superb vapor quality and flavor;
– on-demand vaporization – vapor available within a few seconds;
– great efficiency;
– connects to the majority of water filters;
– wide range of accessories;
– lifetime warranty.

HydroBrick Maxx - Cons

– vaping technique requires practice.

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    I chose the Maxx version cause I have a bubbler for VapeXhale (it wasn’t cheap) that goes perfectly with this model. Maxx indeed is a game changer – I’m not new to the subject at all but the inhalation experience may be VERY strong. Also, you don’t need large amounts for this, a small pinch is more than enough. Not sure who invented this model but he should get a Nobel prize for this xD

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    hannah.geelen (verified owner)

    This is the hardest hitting vape out there. It looks amazing, it hits amazing. 10/10

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    • V


      Thank you for your opinion 🙂

      Team VapeFully

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