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PAX Plus is the newest version of a classic. It has all the features that fans have come to love about the PAX series, but also includes a range of improvements that make it even more enjoyable to use.

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PAX Plus 249,00 199,01 

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The PAX Plus vaporizer: the same form, new interior

At first glance, the latest PAX Plus vaporizer looks deceptively similar to previous models from the PAX series, but don’t be fooled! Within the familiar and beloved form lies a significantly improved device – the PAX Plus is even smarter and adjusts the heating of the herb to your inhalation style, made possible by a series of advanced technical solutions. The PAX Plus features a minimalist design and is also incredibly compact, making it one of the most discreet vaporizers on the market!

Experience new inhalation modes

The intelligent heating system is a hallmark of the PAX series. Thanks to the mouthpiece sensor, the device “knows” when you inhale and then heats the herb more strongly, and when you put it down for a moment, it detects it with a gyroscope and your PAX will automatically cool down. As a result, although the herb is heated 100% conductively, the PAX Plus is much more efficient than other conductive models.

The PAX Plus introduces the so-called Experience Modes, which are dedicated heating modes:

  • Stealth Mode – focused on discretion: dimmed LEDs, minimal visible vapor;
  • Efficiency Mode – focused on maximum inhalation efficiency;
  • Flavor Mode – focused on optimal taste and vapor production;
  • Boost Mode – focused on maximum vapor production, also dedicated to concentrates.

Each of these modes has a different heating algorithm, which actually provides a completely different experience. In each of the Experience Modes, the temperature automatically increases after each inhale, so you no longer have to worry about changing temperature settings during inhalation – PAX Plus will do it for you!

Everything fans love about the PAX series

Fans of the PAX series complained about the screen mounted on the bottom of the chamber in earlier generations. The manufacturer listened to these complaints and completely redesigned the screens – now they have a more three-dimensional shape and provide significantly easier cleaning and slightly less resistance when inhaling. In addition, the PAX Plus offers everything fans have come to love about the series: minimalist design, abundant vapor production, rapid heating, gesture-based device control, and unparalleled discretion. It is also worth noting the incredibly durable battery that allows for over 2 hours of inhalation on a single charge. This is truly an amazing result for such a small device!

10-year manufacturer’s warranty

The craftsmanship of the PAX Plus is superb, every detail is perfected and all materials used in production are of the highest quality. The 10-year warranty offered by the manufacturer is the best reflection of the quality of the PAX Plus. For the first 2 years after purchase, our service center will handle your complaint. For the next 8 years, you can make a complaint directly to the European branch of PAX Labs. This is truly a phenomenal solution that gives the user a pleasant peace of mind. The PAX Plus is certainly more of an evolution than a revolution, but the changes introduced significantly improve the comfort of inhalation and provide the user with a new, different experience. We highly recommend it!

Benefits and Defects

  • intelligent heating system
  • great ease of use
  • abundant vapor production
  • spacious oven with the option to reduce its size
  • minimalist design
  • discreet appearance
  • fast heating time
  • highly durable battery
  • suitable for dry herb and concentrates
  • rich set of accessories
  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • slight resistance when inhaling
  • lack of precise temperature control.


  • PAX Plus vaporizer
  • PAX mini-charger
  • Flat mouthpiece
  • Raised mouthpiece
  • Standard oven lid
  • Half-pack oven lid
  • Multi-tool for dry herb
  • Concentrate insert
  • Extra screens (3 pcs.)
  • Pipe cleaners for maintenance

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  1. Ostek


    Is a 10 -year warranty considered throughout this period by you, or after 2 years you need to contact the manufacturer on your own?
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  2. WA PA

    WA PA

    I tried many vaporizers in my life: in college our foreign roommate had Volcano! What was the hicior, what stories he witnessed! I miss him, but stationary vaporization is not for me, at least at the moment, space -time in which I am.
    Then for a moment I was a happy owner of the first Mighty. It can be simply said that I spent the first payment on him. It was cool and in those days it did not bother me that I looked like a vaporizer like Patus from Coffeshop. The first Mighty unfortunately changed the owner in circumstances closer to me. In short, they cut him. Nevertheless, the device was perfect. But pale and (for my taste) not really aesthetic.
    A colleague has long had Paxa 2 and from the beginning I liked this toy. The couple was less aromatic than in S∓ B, but the differences were not colossal. And the device worked well, it was beautiful and discreet. And much cheaper than Mighty.
    Today, more than 10 years after graduation, I have to start taking care of health, I exchanged ordinary pipes for IQos, it was stupid to junk cigarettes with CBD in the evenings. And it’s a shame to cough 🙂 I was looking for an alternative. I bought it from my friend Pax 2, because it already has Paxa 3, but it is a device that soon ends a 10-year warranty, and the dust did not collect dust in the drawer. And unfortunately you can see and feel it. I thought about Mighty Plus, but … I work a lot, periodically a lot. Employees often come to my house after work, and in the peak of the season I manage the work of 25-30 people. I also have children. I often go to trainings, conferences, meetings with recipients, etc. A gadget giving a wonderful couple, but the screaming guy relaxes with Pilsner and CBD or other weeds’ does not match my current life.
    And here Pax Plus appeared! It’s perfect for me! I put it next to the laptop and children think it is a power bank, Ćmikam CBD at the station and everyone thinks it is some e-pad. Pax lies near the iPhone … and pretends to be another igadget. Yes, PAX is a king of discretion, aesthetics and lack of leaning. Especially in stealth mode.
    As for inhalation: the available modes are great, unless you are a fan of discovering the optimal temperature and many hours of fun. I’m not. I want to relax, feel, listen to crickets, read a book, without thinking about heating, clicking, etc. And I get it. I don’t have time: Boost. Travel by train or going out? Stealth. Evening chill with cuba libre and crickets? Flavour. A long evening with PS? Efficiency. It is enough.
    Taste? Depends on the mode. Probably a bit worse than S & amp; B, better than Lolka. And I don’t have to suck air like a vacuum cleaner to collect the cloud (as in convection).
    It charges quickly, looks like a power bank, so I charge from a laptop. At home, at work, everywhere. It is a pity that there is no USB-C, but this is the only disadvantage.
    The operation is simple and intuitive, cleaning after use is a few seconds, once every 4-5 sessions you need to clean it properly, but it is a matter of several minutes (including cleaning the grinder and other accessories).
    Someday I will work a few hours a day, breed dogs, and after home instead of a bunch of preschoolers will be a gray puppies. Once. Then I will make myself the successor of Volcano or another stationary king of the couple. For today there is nothing better for me than Pax Plus.
    To sum up: the best device is one that meets our current needs. For today, Pax Plus is the best for me!
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  3. Mieszko.zaganczyk


    Pax Plus is my third vaporizer. A few weeks ago I bought the X-Max V3 Pro recommended everywhere and despite some of its advantages, I was generally dissatisfied-too little cloud, you have to get tired to download something, and for me for a short real time of the session. The equipment also turned out to be too big to discreetly use it on the street.

    At that time, I started looking for a cbd vaporizer, which will be:
    a) really handy and discreet,
    b) will allow you to put a lot of dried fruit and enjoy it until survivors in long sessions on my terms,
    c) conducting, because I decided that only this method of heating would allow me to stuff droughts on resistance and enjoy it without sucking air from all over the area,
    d) simple to clean.

    Pax Plus met these assumptions. Although it seems a bit too simplified due to its limitations, even in relation to PAX 3, it works perfectly in practice. When I want to have a long time, I pour a full 0.5 g, turn on the second degree of Efficiency Mode and I don’t care anymore – the cloud is dense and aromatic, I can synize until I have enough (calmly minimum of 20 buys), not Until the lumps turn off or worse, when dried it prematurely loses the aroma. There is also a smaller lid that reduces the chamber to 0.25 g, so I can also use more sparingly when I prefer a smaller session. It also works well. I can vaporize at home on the couch, and I can also in the park, on a walk with the dog and nobody pays attention to it.

    Pax Plus has only four levels of temperature, which may seem poor against the background of vaporizers with full regulation, but in practice it is a convenient solution. In old vaporizers I was still looking for the optimal temperature, it is up, it is down, like full control, and nothing was due to it. Pax Plus saves this, I can’t capture the next compositions in the cloud, but honestly – I don’t need it. I need a strong, deep cloud and I have it. Pax Plus selects the temperature nicely.

    Pax Plus is trivial to use, emergency cleaning it between sessions takes a few seconds, thorough cleaning with ISO takes little longer – all elements are easily accessible.

    However, there are some weaknesses – this lid from the chamber will probably lose someday, because when opening it can jump back to me. The built -in, non -replaceable battery is probably not as durable as they describe, I certainly don’t have a chance to achieve two hours, maybe for a total of 45 minutes – but I never measured it.

    The disadvantage is also a non-standard charger-I would prefer a normal USB-C port, instead is a contact connector. If the charger is lost, you will have to buy a new one, if I forget away, I will not charge with a phone cable.

    And one more thing – I suspect that this is the result of a conduction heating and a fairly short pair of a pair in a strongly heated device after some time. The point is that sometimes the cloud seems a bit too dry (depends on dried and mode), which after intensive several sessions causes a slight scratching in the throat and even coughing.

    After all, I am very happy. These disadvantages go down to the background, but I value Pax Plus for small sizes and discretion, for being practically maintenance -free, and that it gives cool clouds.
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