Dry Herb SMELL-PROOF containers

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Showing all 21 results

In the smell-proof containers section, you will find special containers for carrying and stashing herbs. Containers of this type have a wide range of functions.

They are air-tight, so the material stored inside doesn’t dry out, doesn’t lose its aroma or its properties. Since the materials employed are especially chosen to store dry herb, the flowers will be safe and preserved in the cleanest, freshest environment. Above all, however, these containers keep all the smells inside, which is very important and can avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Imagine that you are in a small, closed space, e.g. in a car, and you have some dry herb in your pocket. If you open the window and someone peeks inside, they will immediately notice the smell. However, when the herb is sealed in a smell-proof container, you don’t have to worry about such situations – you will be the only one to ever know about your stash. Everyone is aware of the benefits of this solution.