Integra Boost – Terpene Essentials

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The Integra Boost Terpene Essentials is a special line of packs that regulate moisture and release natural terpenes, thus not only providing optimal condition of your dry herb, but also changing its aroma and properties. We highly recommend it!

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Integra Boost - Terpene Essentials
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Explore the richness of terpenes with Integra Boost!

Terpenes are natural compounds found in many products – starting from certain fruits, through various herbs, and ending with hemp. In the case of the latter, besides the cannabinoid profile, it is the terpene profile, i.e. the types and proportions of terpenes found in the flowers, that determine the effect of a given variety. Thanks to Terpene Essentials packs from Integra Boost, you can see for yourself how these amazing compounds work!

Change the terpene profile of your dry herb!

The Integra Boost packs from the latest Terpene Essentials line are a great solution for the fans of dry herb vaporization. In addition to providing an optimal relative humidity of 62% inside the container, Terpene Essentials packs also release natural terpenes which are used to infuse the herbs in the container. See for yourself how refreshing the vaporization of herbs with the addition of limonene can be or try out the calming effects of myrcene. There are as many as 7 terpene variants available, each in two versions – 4g (suitable for up to 12g of dry herb) or 67g (suitable for up to 450g of dry herb). There is plenty to choose from!

How to use Integra Boost Terpene Essentials?

Remove the Terpene Essentials pack from the zip-lock package, leaving the NO-OX pack (it prevents oxidation of the terpenes and their degradation) in the package, and close it tightly. Put your herbs in an airtight container, add the Terpene Essentials pack and seal the container tightly. It takes 24-72 hours to infuse your dry herb with terpenes. After this time, open the container, remove the Terpene Essentials pack and place it back in the container with the NO-OX pack. The Terpene Essentials pack can be reused 2 more times. Put a standard Integra Boost pack in the container with your dry herb, so that you can continue to store your dry herb in optimal conditions.

Which of the terpenes will suit you best?

Explore the Terpene Essentials line! Each of the terpenes is special and has different properties. This is a great way to spice up your vaporization!


Limonene is credited with slightly stimulating, focus and creativity boosting and mood-elevating effects. It has a citrus aroma and there’s a good reason for that – limonene is naturally found in lemons, limes, grapefruits and oranges.


It has been associated with calming, relaxing, mildly sedative and anti-inflammatory effects. Terpinolene has the aroma of summer fruits with a hint of citrus. It is naturally found in apples, cumin rosemary and tea tree.


Myrcene is credited with anti-inflammatory, mildly sedative, analgesic and relaxing effects. Its aroma has noticeable floral notes with a strong earthy accent. Myrcene is naturally found in mango, hops, basil, lemongrass, and thyme.


Pinene has been associated with stimulating, focus and creativity boosting and anti-inflammatory effects. The aroma of pinene can be described as earthy with notes of conifers and spices. It is naturally found in pine trees, rosemary, sage, lemons and limes.


Linalool is associated with having soothing, anti-inflammatory, calming and relaxing effects. Its aroma consists of floral notes with a slight fruity accent. Linalool is naturally found in lavender, basil, mint, roses, strawberries and tomatoes.


Humulene is credited with having anti-inflammatory, relaxing, soothing and calming effects. Its aroma consists of hops and citrus notes. Humulene is extracted from hops, sage, ginseng, peppermint, ginger, orange and coriander.


Beta-Caryophyllene has anti-inflammatory, mood-elevating, relaxing and calming properties. The aroma is dominated by spicy and earthy notes. It is naturally found in black pepper, hops, basil and oregano.

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