Herborizer SYSTEM XL 18.8 Vaporizer


Herborizer System XL Vaporizer is a unique vaporizer, which needs to be mounted on a compatible water pipe.

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Herborizer SYSTEM XL 18.8

Herborizer System XL is an unique vaporizer, which needs to be mounted on a compatible water pipe. It is a fully convective vaporizer, which provides premium vapor quality and performance – it will stun even the most experienced users. In our opinion, the purity of the vapor produced by Herborizer System XL is the best of all the vaporizers in our catalogue – it is simply other-worldly!

Different from the rest

Water filtration ensures the delivery of perfectly cooled and moistened vapor, very delicate and pleasant to inhale. Compared to the Basic version, the XL version offers temperature control, a very welcome feature that enhances the vaping experience. Herborizer XL System is a completely unique device, different from all others in our product range. It consists of a glass herb chamber, mounted on its “hot air injector” (heating element), a manual dial for temperature control and a power supply unit with a power cable.

Wide temperature range 

In order for these elements to operate as a vaporizer, it is necessary to mount the Herborizer XL System on a water pipe with a 18,8 mm female joint. The water pipe is required to feature a vertical stem (not diagonally), independent from the mouthpiece. After filling the herb chamber and mounting the “injector”, you can turn on the device and set the temperature you like – a dial with a scale from 1 to 10 allows you to regulate the temperature in the range of 90-230°C. At this point you can activate the heating, which takes quite a long time – it is recommended to wait about 10 minutes.

Impressive vapor quality

The long heat up time might be considered a disadvantage of this vaporizer, but the pure quality of the vapor and the intense draws fully make the wait worthwhile. When the temperature is reached, you can start inhaling from the water pipe which will transfer air into the “injector”, heating it and then passing it through the herb chamber. This will produce the vapor, which will then go into the water filter, before delivering fresh and delicious vapor through the mouthpiece. The quality of the vapor produced by Herborizer System XL Vaporizer is truly amazing – the vapor is extremely potent and dense but at the same time richly aromatic – thanks to a glass vapor path. The clouds of vapor are always plentiful, even at relatively low temperatures, like 180-190°C.

Great performance

Temperatures around 200° will produce dense and silky clouds. Water filtration ensures not only the elimination of all herb particles, but it enables proper vapor cooling and moistening, offering very pleasant sessions. The performance and efficiency of the Herborizer System XL is also outstanding – the vaporizer efficiently extracts all the active substances from your flowers. The size of the chamber is considerable – for proper functionality, it is necessary to pack a minimum of 0.3 g of dry herbs, but the voluminous chamber can hold much more.

This gives the user the possibility of very long sessions that don’t require refilling the chamber, which is highly advantageous when using Herborizer XL System during social sessions. When using the vape alone, the session can be interrupted at any time and finished later without any further consumption of the flowers. Herborizer XL System’s fully convection heat offers on-demand sessionsyour herbs will not be heated when you are not inhaling. 

Herborizer XL System is a stationary vaporizer especially suitable for connoisseurs, who appreciate rich aromas and the full taste profile of their plant material, delivered at the ideal temperature and perfectly moistened through water filtration. This device is predominantly made from borosilicate glass, so it needs to be handled with care, but the extra precaution is worth the extraordinary vaping experience. VapeFully experts recommend!

NOTE – the water filter is not part of the set!

Benefits and Defects

  • great vapor taste;
  • best vapor quality on the market;
  • very powerful;
  • water filtration;
  • temperature control.
  • quite long time of heat-up;
  • fragile glass elements.
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– hot air “injector”;
– glass bowl;
– analog temperature dial;
– power supply with power cable;
– glass stirrer;
– extra screens.

NOTE – the water pipe is not part of the set!

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