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Safety and benefits of vaporization

Is vaporization healthy? Is it the safest way to use herbs? And most importantly – is it worth choosing this inhalation method? Vaporization is a relatively new method of inhalation, so it’s no wonder that many people have questions about its safety. In this article, we clear up all doubts about vaporization and health.

What will you learn from this article?

👉 What is herb vaporization?

👉 What are the biggest benefits of inhalation?

👉 Is vaporization safe?

👉 Why choosing a good vaporizer is crucial for the safety of inhalation?

Table of contents:

What is vaporization?

Vaporization is a modern inhalation method that uses a vaporizer. This device heats herbs to an optimal temperature, producing vapor during inhalation. This vapor is very rich in valuable active ingredients and is completely safe to inhale. It’s a convenient, effective, and economical way to use herbs. No wonder vaporization is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide.

Safety of vaporization – vaporizing and health 🤓

The safety of vaporization is a topic that raises many doubts. It is certainly less harmful than smoking, but is it completely safe?

Unlike smoking, vaporization does not cause the combustion of substances but only their heating. This allows the release of active substances in the form of vapor. Thanks to this process, we avoid many harmful substances produced during combustion, such as carbon monoxide and a range of carcinogenic compounds. This is definitely the most important argument for the health benefits of vaporization – and it is certainly a much safer inhalation method than smoking.

According to research published in the Journal of the American Heart Association [1], vaporizing is not completely risk-free. Many people pay attention to this issue, although it should be noted that it is currently the subject of numerous studies worldwide. According to the cited research, in some cases, vaporization can lead to negative health effects, including cardiovascular problems. However, it still has far fewer harmful impacts on the body than smoking, which disrupts many processes in the body.

Benefits of vaporization – what you should know!

Vaporization is an inhalation method with many advantages. It’s worth knowing its benefits. Of course, the key issue here is the safety of this method, but the list of benefits is much longer.

✅ Vaporization is healthy!

There is no doubt that vaporization is much less harmful than smoking. Moreover, it is healthy and safe!

The first and most important advantage of vaporizing is that it is an inhalation method that does not cause combustion. Smoking produces many harmful substances. On the other hand, it involves heating the herbal blend to a temperature that releases active ingredients without causing combustion. Interestingly, for many herbs, relatively low temperatures are sufficient to release active ingredients.

This means that vaporizing is healthier for the lungs, and active ingredients are delivered to the body in a purer form. That’s why it is considered the safest method of using herbs.

✅ Efficiency

Vaporizing is more effective in delivering active substances to the body. This is one of the reasons why so many people choose this form of inhalation. During combustion, many valuable active ingredients are destroyed. It is completely different in the case of inhalation – thanks to the low temperature of active ingredient release, good vaporizers require only a small amount of herbs to achieve excellent inhalation results. According to a study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information [2], patients who switched from smoking to vaporizing noticed a significant improvement in their quality of life.

✅ Dosage control

One of the key aspects of vaporization is the ability to control the dosage precisely. Such control is particularly important in the case of medical cannabis, which is used to treat various conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis, and to alleviate the effects of chemotherapy. Precise dosing allows patients to control the effects in the most effective way possible.

Vaporization is the best and safest way to use medical marijuana 👩‍⚕️

Vaporization is a method that brings many benefits in the context of medical cannabis. It is a way that allows for the safe and effective delivery of active ingredients to the body, with the possibility of precise dosing. It is not only the safest method of consuming medical cannabis but also the most comfortable and user-friendly. Currently, doctors recommend this method of using medical cannabis to patients.

Vaporization and health – choosing the right vaporizer is crucial

Are you wondering if vaporization is healthy? Definitely yes. It is the safest way to use herbs. Ultimately, however, the impact on the safety of inhalation will depend on the vaporizer you choose. What should people who care about the safety of inhalation pay attention to?

📌 Pay attention to the materials used in production

The materials used in the production of the vaporizer have a crucial impact on safety. Due to the high temperatures of vaporization, to which the devices heat up, they must be made of materials resistant to such temperatures.

High-quality vaporizers are made of precisely these materials – safe for health and resistant to high temperatures, even for extended periods. Unfortunately, this is not the rule for low-quality models. These are devices whose production costs do not exceed a few euros – so there is no way for the manufacturers of such devices to make them from more expensive materials.

As a result, users are exposed to inhaling, for example, fumes from melting plastic or rubber – the harmfulness of such inhalation hardly needs convincing.

📌 Vaporizers without an isolated air path are a poor choice

One of the necessary conditions for a safe inhalation with a vaporizer is that the air path (i.e., the route that air takes inside the vaporizer before reaching our mouth) is completely isolated from the interior of the device, particularly the electronic components and the battery.

Why is this so important?

Vaporizers are devices that heat up to high temperatures during use – you already know this. Both electronic components and batteries can “off-gas,” i.e., emit gases, which are often toxic to health when they reach high vaporization temperatures.

In the case of devices without an isolated air path, it is possible to inhale these fumes, which not only negatively affect the taste of the vapor but primarily pose a threat to our bodies.

At VapeFully, we only offer legitimate and health-safe vaporizers, but the market is not short of models that are far from achieving health safety status. People who care about vaporization safety should exercise particular caution.

Lucas Cysewski – CEO and founder of VapeFully

📌 Beware of cheap vaporizers!

When choosing a relatively low-priced vaporizer, special caution should be exercised – in the price range of up to 70 EUR, you can find both fully health-safe devices and those that, in our opinion, should not have been approved for sale at all.


Vaporization can be safe for the body, provided that a good quality vaporizer is used during inhalation. This method of using herbs is not only healthy and effective but also extremely pleasant! We hope we have dispelled all doubts.


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