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Lotus is a 100% convection on-demand vaporizer heated by a torch. Thanks to its patented technology, it provides incredibly flavorful, high-quality vapor in just 3 seconds!

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Lotus 169,00 

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The Lotus Vaporizer is back!

The Lotus vaporizer is a tried and true, beloved design featuring a patented convection heater powered by butane. Some time ago, its US manufacturer retired, and the production of Lotus was taken over by the makers of the Vapman vaporizer and moved to Italy. This comeback of Lotus brings it in a completely new form – now made of beautiful and noble olive, walnut, or amaranth wood, equipped with a J-Hook glass mouthpiece, and a high-quality case for safe transportation of the entire set.

Extremely well-thought-out design of the Lotus vaporizer

The Lotus vaporizer consists of two main components – a magnetic olive wood cap and a 14.5 mm adapter chamber for connecting to a water filter or a J Hook mouthpiece. In the center of the cap, there’s a nickel plate in the shape of a lotus flower, which is heated by a torch. The heated plate warms the air passing under it, which is then drawn into the chamber, causing intense vaporization of the herbs. This method ensures complete isolation of the inhaled air/vapor from the flame and the fumes of burning butane. The cap also has a short rod underneath for stirring the contents of the chamber, a very convenient solution – no need to carry additional tools.

100% convection heating. Vapor in just 3 seconds!

Lotus offers the fastest heating time among all vaporizers in our range – it only takes 3 seconds from the start of heating to reach the proper temperature! This means instant inhalation without unnecessary waiting. The vapor quality and taste are top-notch, as the herbs are heated entirely by convection, meaning hot air streams. The Lotus vaporizer is definitely a model for fans of big clouds – it allows you to release really large, dense, and aromatic clouds of the highest quality vapor. No batteries, no electronics, no problems!

Unmatched efficiency and material savings

The chamber contents are heated only during inhalation, leading to excellent efficiency – the herbs aren’t heated between puffs, so nothing is wasted. This also allows you to interrupt your session at any moment and finish it later without any loss in efficiency. Combined with fully convection heating, this makes Lotus a very effective vaporizer for herb consumption, ideal for those who value material savings.

Lotus Vaporizer: highest quality craftsmanship

The quality of the Lotus vaporizer is at the highest possible level. Each unit is hand-made in the Italian Dolomites from noble olive, walnut, or amaranth wood. The herb chamber is made of stainless steel, and the heating chamber cap is made of olive wood, stainless steel, and nickel. The connection of the chamber to the 14.5 mm water adapter allows for many possible uses of the Lotus – for example, with an extended J Hook glass mouthpiece or with smaller or larger bongs. The new cap design reduces the risk of burns during heating and ensures even more uniform herb heating. Both parts of the Lotus – the cap, chamber, and J-Hook mouthpiece – come in a durable and elegant carrying case.

Lotus Vaporizer: irresistible!

If you’re looking for an efficient on-demand vaporizer that provides the highest quality vapor and doesn’t break the bank – Lotus is the perfect model for you! Fans of water filtration will surely appreciate combining the vaporizer with their favorite water pipe – Lotus is one of the best vaporizers to use with water filters!

Benefits and Defects

  • On-demand vaporization
  • Ready to use in 3 seconds;
  • Very high vapor quality and quantity;
  • Extremely efficient and economical;
  • Highest quality craftsmanship;
  • No need to charge a battery.
  • inhalation doesn’t look very discreet.


– Lotus vaporizing cap made of olive wood
– Chamber with 14.5 mm water adapter
– J-Hook glass mouthpiece
– Carrying and storage case

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  1. kacpermarian


    When is the delivery?
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  2. Frizzle Fry

    Frizzle Fry

    That’s what I meant. At the beginning I burned a little drought, but it is a matter of adjusting the temperature, the length of inspiration, the distance of the flame from the nickel plate with the word technology and practice, probably also the quality of herbs. But very quickly this practice is gained and the effect is perfect. I hope that the individual elements of this pipe are really long -lived, as I read in the opinion above. Regards 🙂
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  3. Korcowiczwiktor


    I ordered Lotus on Wednesday before 14, and I got it on Friday after 14, also shipping from the 10/10 store.
    I tested it only on Sundays and this is my first vaporizer (not counting the hand made of light bulb), so I don’t have much comparison, but:
    1. Taste – 10/10
    2. Density and number of vapor – 10/10
    3. vapor cooling – 8/10 – a little warmer is done with a longer heating of the tile, but that’s normal
    4. Performance – 10/10 – Remains and crumbs of herbs are enough to inhale properly, and one insertion to half the chamber is about 5 decent clouds. Herbs – beautifully broken, zero burns.
    Now a few advantages in my opinion, purely subjective:
    1.Design Fajeczki – I feel like a monk from Shaolin, or as in Opium roaster a long time ago in America or the serial weld. This whole appearance and heating mechanism, which does not differ much from normal smoking, means that this motif of the ritual is still in vaporization, which is unlikely to be achieved with electronic vaporizers.
    2. Bong adapter – I was very surprised that it is included, because in the description there is nothing written about it, and here is such a surprise. There is still a lack of this glass mouthpiece in the shape of a corner, but I hope that you will soon appear on your offer;)
    3. The heating of the titanium plate is child’s play (it takes only 3 seconds) and in the whole it is not easy to burn the material. I also don’t know where these accusations come from. It probably depends on the type of herbs, where the exact selection of temperature gives a wider range of inhalation with some specifics, but not entirely.
    4. Ease of cleaning and longevity of this pipe – I do not trust electronics too much; P
    5. Mobility without limiting with electricity and batteries – and here again, I do not trust electronics I can go to the bush, at the end of the world, or even the Bieszczady Mountains – vapanese and meditate xD
    Also the miodzio & lt; 3 vaporizer

    The only minor caveat that I have is that, before buying, I tried to add so many posts under various equipment from your store, regarding questions about details and more deputious information, and none of these posts was accepted by the moderator. So, for example, I did not know if there was a bong adapter in the set (and I asked such a question) and I did not order a bong, which makes me have to do an order again and pay for the shipment (because the one with the vaporizer was free). And in general I ordered a bit in the dark. Questions about other vaporizers have not been accepted either. It is also such a small drawback and a reservation for moderators – because contact with the store is still important.

    Best regards and I wish you large clouds and flights above the cloud;)
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  4. Korcowiczwiktor


    Hello! I wrote a comment, but without an account and I didn’t know how to set up, so I placed an order, but I hope I could add something to the basket if I found what I was looking for. Namely, the adapter for Bong for Lotus, a glass -shaped glass mouthpiece, and a cover for this vaporizer? They don’t necessarily have to be things of the same company. I can see that mace a lot of bong adapters but this is my first vaporizer and I don’t know too much and I don’t know which one would fit him.
    In addition, I wanted to ask if this lighter that is in the set can be filed with colibri gas, because I also ordered it from you?
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  5. Victor


    Can a lighter that is included in the set can be re -stuck? And does it have any accessories for this vaporizer in your store, e.g. an adapter for a water filter, a slaughter mouthpiece, or a cover for this pipe?
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