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How to smoke from a water pipe? How to use a bong correctly?

In the world of cannabis enthusiasts, the bong has become a popular device known not only for its unique appearance but primarily for its specific smoking process, in which water filtration plays a key role. In this article, we will address the process and the comprehensive guide for handling a bong, providing tips that lead to maximum satisfaction from using it.

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What will you learn from this article?

👉 How to use the water pipe correctly?

👉 Which is better, a bubbler or a bong?

👉 Can a bong be used for vaporization?

Bong – how to use it? 🤔

A bong is an extraordinary smoking device (though it can also be used for vaporization!), which requires some knowledge and skills to benefit from it fully. The process of using a water pipe starts with preparing the device for use. This primarily involves filling its main chamber with the right amount of water and then placing the herbs in the bowl. Remember, using a dry bong is also possible, but this is a different technique of vapor cooling, which does not require water and is most often used in vaporization, not smoking.

It is also worth mentioning the difference between a bong and a bubbler. Both devices rely on water filtration, however, they offer slightly different experiences. A bong is usually larger and produces larger clouds of smoke, while a bubbler is compact and portable but also somewhat less efficient. The choice between them depends on the personal preferences of each user. In the case of vaporization, bubblers are most often small, dedicated water filters mounted directly on the vaporizer.

The process of using a bong is primarily about the right smoking technique, which involves filling the bong with smoke and inhaling it in a short time. We will divide this process into several steps, which will show you how to use a bong properly.

How to smoke from a bong? 💨

In the next step, after placing the herbs in the bong bowl, they should be ignited while simultaneously drawing air through the bong’s mouthpiece.

If the bong has an air inlet, the so-called clutch, it should be covered during the draw – this will allow us to gather dense smoke inside, yet not inhale it into the lungs in large amounts. Then the air inlet should be uncovered, which will allow the entire accumulated smoke to be drawn into the lungs. In models without an additional air inlet, the bowl itself performs the function of the clutch – it is removed to enable inhaling the smoke gathered inside. The same principle applies to vaporization, with the difference that smoke is replaced with vapor.

The air intake should be calm and even, and the inhalation must be suitably long. The pace of drawing air directly affects the intensity of the smoke.

The key to a satisfying experience with a bong is not only the ability to operate it but also awareness of optimal inhalation techniques.

Lucas Cysewski – CEO and founder of VapeFully

Remember that a bong works intensely, as it serves to inhale a huge amount of smoke at an express pace. The goal is to achieve distinct effects that accompany it.

The appropriate question at this stage is: how long should inhalation last? The answer is simple: as short as possible. Breaths follow one directly after another to avoid the self-burning of the herb in the bowl. Respecting the above tips, you will certainly be able to derive the greatest possible pleasure and benefits from using a bong.

How to use a bong – summary 🚀

In summary, using a bong is a process that requires certain skills and knowledge but also offers unique experiences for vaporization enthusiasts. Proper use of a bong guarantees the quick extraction and assimilation of substances from our favorite herbs, which is one of the main goals of smoking from a bong.

It is also worth adding that choosing the right bong is almost as important as the way it is used. There are many models on the market, differing in shape, size, and material. Therefore, it is worth getting acquainted with the bong ranking to find the model most suitable to your preferences and expectations. Do not forget that safety and responsible use of smoking and vaporization devices are the most important.

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