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What to use for cleaning your vaporizer?

Have you recently bought a new vaporizer and noticed the first signs of dirt on it? You want your device to work like new for a long time, so you’re keen to take proper care of it? Find out what to use to clean your vaporizer for the best results while ensuring the cleaning process is safe for the device.

Table of contents:

VapeCleaner – the essential for cleaning your vaporizer

Isopropyl alcohol is undoubtedly essential if you want to keep your device properly clean. It allows for quick and thorough cleaning of metal and glass parts.

Vape Cleaner

Of course, you can also use warm water and soap, but this method won’t clean the vaporizer as effectively and will involve prolonged scrubbing – definitely not as convenient as using isopropyl alcohol.

Which isopropyl alcohol should you choose? It’s best to use one designed for cleaning vaporizers. VapeCleaner is a great choice here; it is very effective and safe. However, remember that not all parts can be soaked in isopropyl alcohol. For more delicate parts (e.g., certain types of plastic or silicone), simply use a cotton swab soaked in an alcohol solution to remove dirt.

One thing is certain – isopropyl alcohol is a must-have if you want your vaporizer to be clean and functional. VapeCleaner is a highly regarded product with an excellent quality-to-price ratio, making it probably the best choice.

What to clean with isopropyl alcohol, and what not to?

Isopropyl alcohol is mainly suitable for glass, ceramic, and metal parts. If there is a lot of dirt accumulated on their surfaces, it’s worth soaking the individual parts in alcohol for about ten to fifteen minutes. Then, wash them with hot water and dish soap to thoroughly remove all alcohol residues.

Unfortunately, some devices require particular caution when using isopropyl alcohol. This mainly applies to vaporizers made from wood.

If you have invested in a wooden vaporizer crafted from high-quality exotic wood, you certainly don’t want to damage it or leave unsightly marks on its surface. In this case, it’s advisable to avoid using isopropyl alcohol.

The same applies to certain components made from specific types of plastics. If you are unsure how a particular part will react to isopropyl alcohol, it’s better to refrain from using it. You can also consult other users’ reviews or the manufacturer’s recommendations.

DynaClean – ideal for delicate surfaces

DynaClean is another interesting product worth having. It is designed for cleaning the more delicate components of vaporizers. One of the great advantages of DynaClean is that it can be used without worrying about damaging or discolouring your equipment.


At the same time, it is extremely effective in removing even the most stubborn dirt from inhalation residues. Importantly, DynaClean also excels at eliminating odours, making it a favourite among fans of particularly aromatic types of herbs.

Regular cleaning is key!

Regular cleaning of your vaporizer will not only keep the device working as well as when you first bought it but also help you avoid the need for scrubbing and long cleaning sessions. It’s advisable to clean the parts most exposed to dirt after each use, such as the mouthpiece, the screen above the chamber, or the heating chamber.

Occasionally, it’s worth thoroughly cleaning the entire device – how often depends on how frequently you use your vaporizer. One thing is certain – by cleaning the device regularly, you ensure it will work flawlessly for many years to come.

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