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Jak wyczyścić bongo?

How to clean your bong and bubbler? Home methods for cleaning bongs and bubblers

Can’t imagine life without water filtration and use water pipes so often that your bong or bubbler doesn’t look its best anymore? Wondering how you can clean your gear to make sure your inhalation experience is as good as it was at the start? Welcome to our guide! Here, you’ll learn how to quickly and effectively clean your bubblers and bongs at home!

What will you learn from this article?

👉 How to properly clean a bong and bubblers?

👉 What product is suitable for cleaning glass bongs?

Table of contents:

🧼 Cleaning bongs and bubblers

Whether you’re a happy owner of a bubbler or a bong, you’ve probably neglected their cleaning at some point. Just a few days of regular use is enough for an unsightly residue to start building up inside, which due to the specific shape of the device, is hard to remove. This is why bongs and bubblers should be cleaned regularly, especially because of the buildup from smoking through a bong.

Why? The reason is simple. The more residue accumulates inside, the harder it will be to remove. And when there’s too much of it, the inhalation experience—especially the taste—won’t be as good as it was at the beginning when your bubbler was brand new. After all, you want to enjoy the aroma of your favorite herbs, not the remnants in your bubbler or bong!

How to clean bongs and bubblers at home? 🫧

Fortunately, there are simple tricks to make your bongs and bubblers look like they did the day the courier delivered them to you. It really just takes a little time to make these devices spotlessly clean. What do you need before you start cleaning them? It depends on the method you choose.

To clean glass water filtration devices, it’s best to use isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt or rice. Start by pouring alcohol inside (if you lack isopropyl alcohol, you can use spirit) to about 1/5 of the height.

Then add salt to the bong, seal all the bong’s openings (a special bong cleaning plug will come in handy), and start shaking it vigorously. Once all the dirt has been removed, unseal the openings and pour out the contents. Then rinse the bong thoroughly with hot water to remove the remaining alcohol.

This is a cheap way to clean a bong or bubbler that you can use anytime – as long as you have some alcohol and the right salt on hand. The alcohol will dissolve the dirt, and the salt will act as an abrasive, making the cleaning even more effective.

If you don’t have alcohol, you can find online information on cleaning a bong and bubbler with a dishwasher tablet. To do this, put a tablet inside (you can cut it into pieces) and pour boiling water. Place the device in a bowl or sink so the foam and water can flow out freely.

Wait 20 minutes for the tablet to dissolve all the dirt. A good idea is also to seal the openings with a plug and shake the bong to remove all the dirt. Finally, rinse all the parts thoroughly with water to remove any residue from the dishwasher tablet. Done – your bongs and bubblers should shine like freshly washed dishes!

Cleaning a bong and bubbler is like washing windows: nobody likes doing it, but everyone loves the result.

Lucas Cysewski – CEO and Founder of VapeFully

🧴 What cleaning product to choose for a bong?

While cleaning a bubbler with dishwasher tablets or rice can be effective, sometimes it’s better to use special products designed for cleaning glass parts. Instead of the previously mentioned ordinary alcohol, you can use specialized cleaners for vaporizers, water pipes, and other parts.

VapeCleaner is perfect – this 100% isopropyl alcohol is not only effective but also eco-friendly and biodegradable. It doesn’t contain any additives that are usually present in IPA for cleaning electronics. You can also get special glass cleaning salts that won’t act as harshly on its surface as other methods.

Cleaning bongs and bubblers – summary 🛁

Keeping your bubblers and bongs clean is very important, so it’s worth taking care of them from the first use. This will ensure the best possible experience during water filtration. Whether you use professional cleaning agents or opt for home methods, remember to clean regularly. The same goes for your vaporizer! This way, cleaning will be quick, easy, and enjoyable, and you’ll enjoy a wonderful aroma during inhalation.

And if your bong can’t be saved anymore and you want to invest in a new one, check out what bong to buy!

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