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CBD – before or after meals? When to use it?

You’ve been hearing about the positive effects of CBD on the body for some time now but haven’t had the chance to experience the benefits of cannabis yourself? However, you recently decided to start using CBD products to provide your body with additional support. It’s essential to find out when to take CBD – before or after meals.

What will you learn from this article?

👉 Does using CBD after or before a meal make a difference?

👉 Is it better to use CBD while fasting?

Table of contents:

Does the effectiveness of CBD depend on food?

Some studies suggest that taking CBD after a meal can increase the bioavailability of cannabidiol. This is because CBD is fat-soluble. The absorption of CBD may improve if taken after consuming a fatty meal. If the stomach is full, CBD will remain in the intestines a bit longer, allowing for better absorption. However, this doesn’t mean that eating a fatty meal is necessary before taking CBD. Even if you decide to take CBD on an empty stomach, its absorption will still be at a satisfactory level.

A notable option is special CBD oil capsules. They make CBD products easier to use and, due to the oil content, can further enhance the bioavailability of cannabidiol. If you have trouble taking CBD after meals, such capsules can be a very interesting solution.

Can you take CBD on an empty stomach?

Many people wonder if CBD can be taken on an empty stomach. It’s a common concern not only with cannabis products or CBD supplements but also with various medications and even coffee. In reality, it depends on individual predispositions. Some people don’t experience any discomfort when taking dietary supplements on an empty stomach. Others, however, might feel some discomfort or even stomach pain. If you belong to the latter group, try to plan your CBD intake after eating a light breakfast. This way, CBD supplements or other products won’t overburden your stomach, and you can avoid unpleasantness like stomach pain or indigestion.

For the effectiveness of CBD, it doesn’t matter whether you take the supplement before or after a meal. Some people believe that taking various supplements – including CBD – on an empty stomach may enhance their effects. This hasn’t been confirmed in any way, so such opinions might only come from personal experiences. Similarly, one could argue that taking medications or supplements after a meal makes them more potent. It’s worth finding out for yourself which approach works better for you – taking CBD on an empty stomach or after a meal.

Is it better to take CBD before or after meals?

The question of whether to take CBD before or after a meal is closely related to whether you can take CBD on an empty stomach. Again, it depends on individual predispositions. Some people can take even strong medications on an empty stomach without experiencing any discomfort. Others struggle with indigestion even when they drink strong coffee on an empty stomach. It’s clear that everyone is different.

When it comes to CBD supplements and whether to take them before or after a meal, it’s important to find the best solution for yourself. Of course, much depends on the products or supplements you are using.


Now you know how to take CBD – before or after a meal. Taking CBD after consuming a fatty meal can positively affect the absorption of cannabidiol. However, remember that consuming too much fat isn’t the healthiest option. It all depends on the type of fat – a good choice might be special CBD capsules, such as those with hemp oil. Taking CBD on an empty stomach is also a viable option, especially for people who might not like breakfast. Ultimately, it depends on individual predispositions – it’s worth finding the best solution for yourself by carefully observing your body, especially in the early stages of using CBD supplements.

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