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What are dosing capsules and how to use them?

Dosing capsules are becoming increasingly popular among vaporization enthusiasts. They offer a convenient solution that makes inhalation even more comfortable and discreet – anywhere. Check out why you should use dosing capsules and how to do it.

What will you learn from this article?

👉 What are dosing capsules?

👉 Is it worth having capsules?

👉 How to properly use dosing capsules?

Table of contents:

  1. What are dosing capsules?
  2. Dosing capsules for dry herb are a great solution!
  3. Do dosing capsules have any drawbacks?
  4. How to use dosing capsules?
  5. Dosing capsules for vaporizers – summary

What are dosing capsules?

Dosing capsules are small containers used for vaporization. You need to fill them with dry herb and then place them in the herb chamber. They are usually made from neutral materials, so they do not affect the aroma of herbs during inhalation.

Dosing capsules for dry herb are a great solution!

Nowadays, more and more vaporizer manufacturers include dosing capsules in their stores. Often, they are dedicated to specific models. This solution quickly gained many supporters, and many people cannot imagine using a vaporizer without dosing capsules today. So, why are such capsules a great solution?

Healthy Rips FURY2 Kapsułki dozujące
dosing capsules for Healthy Rips FURY2

Huge convenience

And that’s in any place and under any conditions! Perhaps you have found yourself filling the chamber with dry herb outdoors in poor weather conditions, for example, when there was a strong wind or it was raining. Thanks to the capsules, you don’t have to worry about too much herb being blown away by the wind.

You can safely prepare the capsules at home by filling them with dry herb, and when you want to perform inhalation, just place such a capsule in the herb chamber. It’s a very convenient solution.

Less frequent cleaning of the chamber

It’s no secret that regular cleaning of the vaporizer is key to ensuring it provides good effects for a long time, just like at the very beginning. Impurities can accumulate in the chamber itself, so it’s worth cleaning it after each use. However, thanks to dosing capsules, you can clean the device a bit less frequently because the material residues do not escape outside the capsule.

You only need to carry the vaporizer and capsules

Thanks to the capsules, you really don’t need to carry anything else – neither a container with dry herb nor gadgets for transferring it. Having filled dosing capsules with you, you only need the vaporizer. This is yet another reason why it’s worth giving a try to the solution that dosing capsules offer.

Dosing capsules for dry herbs are the key to convenient and hygienic use, allowing for precise dosing and avoiding mess. Having them on hand, every herb enthusiast will appreciate how much they help with daily use.

Lucas Cysewski – CEO and founder of VapeFully

Do dosing capsules have any drawbacks?

People who are not very dexterous and struggle with using very small items might have a problem with some models of capsules. Sometimes they are small in size, and filling them requires a lot of precision.

Nevertheless, as is known, practice makes perfect, and in the vast majority of cases, using capsules does not pose any difficulties. In fact, filling them is not much different from filling the herb chamber, so there’s no reason to worry.

Fury Edge Kapsułki dozujące
Fury Edge dosing capsules

How to use dosing capsules?

Using dosing capsules is not complicated. On the contrary – it’s very simple! The capsule can be filled using any device, or you can do it with your fingers. After filling the capsule, you need to press, snap, or screw on the lid, depending on the capsule. Information on this can be found in the manufacturer’s instructions.

Here is a brief description of dosing capsules, intended for popular vaporizers:

Crafty+ and Mighty

Dosing capsules for Crafty and Mighty vaporizers are available in a set of 40 pieces. They can also be used in the Volcano Classic Vaporizer, Volcano Digit, and Plenty, after applying a special reducer. Capsules allow for very precise measurement of dry herb, and each of them holds 0.15 g of dry herb.

Keeping the capsules clean is very simple, and thanks to them, the vaporizer itself remains much cleaner. There is also a magazine available for 8 dosing capsules and a keychain holding 4 dry herb capsules.

Fury Edge

Dosing capsules for the Fury Edge Vaporizer are also available in a set. It includes four capsules and a special tube that is 100% smell-proof and also prevents losing the capsules. Fury Edge is a vaporizer to which you can buy many useful accessories.

Dosing capsules are definitely one of those gadgets that are worth having – especially if you often use the vaporizer outside the home. A great solution is also the insert for dosing capsules for dry herb, allowing their convenient carrying in a sealed Jyarz Classic container – it’s really an excellent complement to the capsules themselves!

DaVinci IQ2

The manufacturer of the popular DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer also took care of the users’ comfort, creating dedicated dosing capsules. The set includes six capsules, each of which can hold 0.2 g of herbs or a smaller amount of concentrate.

The set also includes very useful silicone covers for dosing capsules, preventing the contents from drying out. Thanks to dosing capsules, keeping the device clean is very simple, just like outdoor inhalation without the need to fill the chamber.

Fury 2 / Wolkenkraft FX MINI / Fenix Mini

Dosing capsules for Fury 2, Wolkenkraft FX MINI, and Fenix Mini vaporizers are available in a set, which includes five pieces. This number is entirely sufficient, as a lot of confirm that it is enough for comfortable use. Each capsule is made of stainless steel. They allow for a quick start to vaporization. The set also includes a special tube in which you can carry capsules without the risk of losing them.

Dosing capsules for vaporizers – summary

For some time now, for many vaporization fans, dosing capsules have become an essential piece of equipment. It’s no wonder – they have many advantages, including improving comfort and preventing waste of dry herb, for example, by spilling it.

Capsules are perfect for people who like vaporization outdoors and do not want to struggle with filling the chamber every time when it’s windy. Thanks to capsules, filling the chamber is quick and discreet. It is definitely worth investing in them – make sure that the specific capsules are intended for a particular vaporizer!

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