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Herb vaporizer – which one to choose? Types of vaporizers

Are you looking to start your vaporizing journey and wondering which dry herb vaporizer will be the best? You’ve come to the right place – our experts advise on how to choose the model that best suits your needs. We’ll help you select the best device for you!

What will you learn from this article? 

👉 Find out what types of vaporizers are available.

👉 What are the characteristics of desktop vaporizers, and are they worth choosing?

👉 Or perhaps a portable vaporizer will be a better choice?

👉 Which herb heating method is better – conduction or convection? Or maybe hybrid heating is the best?

Table of contents: 

Desktop vaporizers – a perfect proposition for demanding users 😎  

Are you looking for a vaporizer that will guarantee an excellent inhalation experience? Have you only used portable vaporizers so far, but want to explore the possibilities of desktop devices? Or are you planning to buy your first vaporizer and want a device exclusively for home use, but ensuring truly great results? Find out which desktop vaporizer to choose.

What characterizes a desktop vaporizer?

A desktop vaporizer is a device designed exclusively for home use – or in any other location where it can be plugged into an electrical outlet.

One of the main reasons why so many people choose desktop vaporizers over portable ones is that they are much more efficient. Advanced devices are designed to provide the highest quality of inhalation while using a minimal amount of dry herb. Over time, this can lead to significant savings, and purchasing a desktop vaporizer is a really good investment.

It is also worth mentioning other advantages of desktop vaporizers, such as lower failure rate, no need for charging or battery replacement, and the possibility of group inhalation. In many cases, desktop vaporizers are considered almost indestructible devices, which means they can be used for many years.

What to consider when choosing a desktop vaporizer?

Choosing a desktop vaporizer is not an easy task, mainly because there are many high-quality devices on the market. Choosing one means giving up other outstanding devices, and making such a decision is never easy – regardless of what it concerns.

When selecting a desktop vaporizer, you should pay attention to issues such as:

  • the capacity of the heating chamber and the possibility of using capsules that reduce this capacity,
  • the possibility of conducting long and short inhalations (session and on-demand vaporizers),
  • inhalation through a hose or balloon,
  • the possibility of group inhalation,

Of course, there are many more parameters, so it’s worth thoroughly familiarizing yourself with the capabilities of various desktop vaporizers.

volcano CLASSIC

What are the advantages of desktop vaporizers?

Firstly, a desktop vaporizer provides excellent inhalation quality. This is the main reason why so many people decide to purchase a desktop vaporizer.

It’s no secret that they have much greater capabilities than portable vaporizers – both in terms of the aroma of the vapor and its density. However, higher-quality vapor is not everything – there are many more advantages!

No need for charging and using a flame

The need to regularly charge a portable vaporizer can be a significant problem for many people – especially if we use it very often, charging may be necessary even daily (or several times a day!).

Of course, one solution might be to purchase a vaporizer with a replaceable battery or the ability to charge using a power bank, however… when it comes to a stationary device, all you need to do is plug it into the power supply.

There’s also no need to use a flame source, as with butane devices. Although for many people butane vaporizers are the best choice, not everyone may be satisfied with the necessity of using fire.

Longer exploitation time

A desktop vaporizer has a much longer exploitation time. Although it is a serious investment, such a device will serve for many, many more years.

Desktop vaporizers are much more durable than portable ones.

They also do not have batteries, which often become a weak point of various portable devices.

Additionally, they usually stay in one place – while portable ones are regularly carried in a pocket, backpack, or handbag, making them more prone to damage, especially after falling on concrete.

Greater efficiency

Another huge advantage of desktop vaporizers is their efficiency. Often, just a little bit of dry herb is enough to achieve truly spectacular effects!

A perfect example can be the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer, which combines two methods of heating the herb, and with the addition of a chamber reducer, it can be used with dosing capsules containing just 0.15 g.

This way, we can save a lot of dry herbs, because the efficiency of the device is really surprising. And all this with excellent vapor quality.

Various operating modes

A desktop vaporizer certainly offers much more, also in terms of the number of operating modes.

The mentioned Volcano Hybrid can also be operated via an app, where we have access to interesting settings, such as operating modes, vapor intensity, or temperature settings.

Additionally, desktop vaporizers allow for the use of interesting gadgets – here an example can be the Arizer Extreme Q 6.0 vaporizer, equipped with an Aroma Dish attachment used for masking odors in rooms.

Do desktop vaporizers have any cons? 😱

Although certainly not significant enough to deter purchasing such a device. What are the downsides of desktop vaporizers?

Lack of mobility

Well – for some, this is an advantage, for others a disadvantage. It all depends on whether we prefer to vaporize in the comfort of our homes or outdoors.

However, it’s worth having an alternative, such as a portable vaporizer hidden in a drawer, which can always be taken with you if you feel like inhaling on the shore of a lake or during a mountain trip. Or simply – on a summer evening in a nearby park.


It’s undeniable – purchasing a desktop vaporizer can be a significant strain on your budget. In some cases, the price can even reach several hundred euros.

Is it worth such an investment? Yes, it is – because it allows us to acquire a device that will transport us to a completely new dimension of inhalation.

Importantly, there are also slightly cheaper desktop vaporizers on the market, which also have great capabilities.

It’s also worth remembering the efficiency of such devices – over a few years, the savings on herbs will be so significant that the purchase of a desktop vaporizer will quickly pay off, and in the long term, it will prove to be a good investment.

Difficulty of use

Yes, this might be a concern – however, certainly not in top models, which are designed to provide maximum comfort to the user during the use of the vaporizer.

There is a group of people who fear that operating a desktop vaporizer is very difficult. Nothing could be further from the truth. Generally, high-quality devices are not difficult to operate. Problems may occur with mid and lower-range vaporizers, but in this case, it is worth simply looking at the instructions.

Lucas Cysewski – CEO and Founder of VapeFully

🏃‍♀️ Portable vaporizers – enjoy inhalation anywhere 🏝

Planning to purchase a vaporizer and want to use it not only at home but also outside? A portable vaporizer may be an excellent proposition for you. Check out what to consider when choosing a portable vaporizer!

What characterizes portable vaporizers? 

Portable vaporizers are primarily designed for people who want to conduct inhalations outside the home. Many people appreciate vaporizing not only in the comfort of their homes but also at work, outdoors, during a trip to the mountains or the sea, or even during a regular walk with the dog to the nearby forest. In such cases, a portable vaporizer is a bullseye, as it can be taken anywhere.

How to choose the right portable vaporizer?

Choosing a portable vaporizer is not an easy task, given the huge selection. Therefore, it’s necessary to start by precisely defining your expectations. To do this, it’s worth answering a few questions:

  1. Do you plan to conduct long inhalation sessions using the entire contents of the chamber? If so, a session vaporizer would be a better choice. Or do you prefer quick inhalations, consisting of a few breaths and performed repeatedly throughout the day? In that case, choose an on-demand vaporizer.
  2. Will your vaporizer accompany you always and everywhere, for example, during trips to the mountains? If so, choose a device made of steel or other durable materials, characterized by high resistance to damage and harsh conditions. Consider a butane model, independent of power sources. If, on the other hand, you plan to use your vaporizer in public places, then choose a model characterized by an appropriate level of discretion.
  3. Do you plan to charge the vaporizer each time? Or maybe you won’t always have the opportunity, so you prefer a vaporizer with a replaceable battery or the ability to connect to a power bank? Be sure to take this into account! Choose a vaporizer with a battery that corresponds to the planned frequency of use.
  4. Does using an external source of fire, such as a lighter or burner, and spending some time mastering the technique of use not bother you? Or do you value maximum convenience and would prefer if pressing a single button was enough to start inhalation? Depending on the answer to this question, you should choose a butane or electronic vaporizer. Don’t choose complicated devices if you expect convenience and simplicity.

Once you find the answers to all these questions, it will be easier for you to determine which portable vaporizer to buy. You’ll know whether to choose, for example, a butane vaporizer made of steel, or if you prefer a session vaporizer characterized by a simple technique of use and hassle-free cleaning.

convection and conduction difference

What to consider when choosing a portable vaporizer?

You might be wondering what to look out for when choosing a portable vaporizer. First and foremost, make sure you are choosing a device from a reputable manufacturer, one that is highly trusted by vaporization enthusiasts. The market offers highly renowned devices, as well as those that, to put it mildly, do not have the best reputation. Therefore, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with opinions about the manufacturer, as well as the specific device.

Keep in mind that by buying from the VapeFully vaporizer store, you are choosing from dozens of proven devices, carefully selected from hundreds of designs available on the market. There’s simply no room here for vaporizers of questionable quality or those delivering mediocre vapor!

Advantages and features of a good portable vaporizer – and more!

What should characterize a good portable vaporizer? What are the most important advantages of a vaporizer? Primarily, it should guarantee a clean and pure flavour of the vapor. This way, you can rediscover the taste of your favourite herbs and enjoy them with every inhalation. The same applies to the amount of vapor produced – for many people, a vaporizer should produce dense clouds, as they largely contribute to the experience during inhalation. Other users will value more discreet devices, that give great effects but do not necessarily produce billows of dense vapor.

When it comes to the features of a good vaporizer, its efficiency is also of huge importance. You will surely agree that the less herb you need to use for a full – that is, effective – inhalation, the better. Pay attention to this when choosing a vaporizer. In the case of the most efficient devices, only 0.1 g or 0.2 g of plant material is enough! However, some models allow using as little as 0.05 g. Conversely, there are also models with chambers accommodating over 0.5 g, allowing for a long inhalation with a larger quantity of herbs at once.

For many people, the design of the vaporizer also matters. Currently, there are very interesting devices available, made of for example exotic wood. In the case of some devices, just interacting with them is a lot of fun, so pay attention to this when choosing your portable vaporizer!

Where to buy a portable vaporizer?

The most important rule is to buy vaporizers only from proven manufacturers and only from trusted distributors. Due to the growing popularity of vaporization, more and more stores with such devices are emerging. However, it is better to purchase in a well-known and respected store that cares about the quality of the offered devices, rather than in random shops. An even worse option is to buy a device on auction platforms, especially foreign ones like Wish or AliExpress. Most likely, such vaporizers will have nothing to do with safety. By using our site, you can be sure that you are choosing a device that is tested, effective, and representing an appropriate level of quality, which translates into the safety of its operation.

Convection, conduction, and hybrid vaporizers – how to choose the right device? 🤔

It’s time to discuss the principles of conduction, convection, and hybrid heating. For those new to vaporization, the abundance of available vaporizers and the plethora of related terms can be a bit overwhelming.

Convection, conduction, hybrid – what’s the difference?

Let’s start from the basics: what does conduction, convection, and hybrid heating mean? What are the key differences between them?

🔥 Conduction heating

Conduction involves heating the herb through direct contact with a hot surface, typically the walls of the heating chamber in vaporizers.

To illustrate, conduction heating can be compared to heating something in a pot – the hot bottom of the pot transfers heat to its contents.

For effective and even distribution of heat inside a conduction vaporizer’s chamber, it must be tightly filled with plant material. Vaporization will be most efficient if the herb is ground very finely – this increases the contact area with the hot chamber walls, leading to more effective utilization of the herb.

💨 Convection heating

Convection, on the other hand, heats the herb by passing a stream of hot air through it. Using a kitchen-related metaphor, convection can be like baking in a fan-assisted oven – the food doesn’t come into direct contact with the heating element but is instead cooked by the heated air.

For convection heating of herbs, tightly packing the material in the chamber is not only unhelpful but can actually interrupt heating, as the air won’t be able to flow freely through the chamber.

Finely grinding the herb is also not advisable for convection heating – the fine particles can be swept up by the air stream and clog the mouthpiece or even end up in the user’s mouth.

what vaporizer to choose

☄️ Hybrid heating

Hybrid heating combines convection and conduction, with the proportions varying depending on the vaporizer model.

The herb is heated both by the chamber walls and the hot air passing through it. This approach has several advantages, as discussed below.

Conduction – in which situations does it work best?

Conduction herb vaporizers are almost always session-type devices – you need to utilize the entire chamber content in one inhalation.

Conduction models heat the herb continuously (even between inhales) and are therefore slightly less economical.

However, they are perfect for group inhalations or beginners, as the technique of using such models is usually very simple – just inhale slowly and steadily.

A great advantage of conduction is its low power consumption – conduction models usually last very long on a single charge. The financial aspect is also important – from a technological standpoint, conduction devices are the least complicated, making them generally cheaper than convection or hybrid models.

Conduction is best suited for beginners, those who don’t want to spend a lot on a vaporizer, or those who value simplicity and ease of use.

Convection vaporizers – who are they for?

Convection models have many advantages, but they also have their drawbacks. The vapor produced by a convection vaporizer is usually of much higher quality compared to conduction, and its flavour is incomparably better.

Therefore, if you want to savour the taste and aroma of your favourite herbs, convection is the solution for you. A major advantage of convection is that in such vaporizers, the herb is heated only during inhalation.

This method is much more economical (nothing is wasted between inhales) and discreet – convection vaporizers usually give off less odour.

The biggest drawback of convection, however, is its high power consumption – the battery life on a single charge is never outstanding. The technique of inhalation itself is also more demanding – in convection models, inhales should be very long, almost always exceeding 10 seconds.

Thus, a convection vaporizer is best suited for users who primarily inhale alone and prioritize the quality and flavour of the vapor, as well as material efficiency.

Hybrid – the best compromise? 🤩

Hybrid heating is a compromise between convection and conduction. It is often said to take the best of both worlds – the quality and flavour of the vapor are better than in purely conduction models, while battery life and ease of use are better than in purely convection models.

Hybrid models heat the herb continuously with the chamber walls, but it is fully heated only during inhalation when the herb is additionally warmed by hot air.

If you are looking for a model that provides better vapor quality and efficiency than a conduction model, and at the same time has better battery life, a more friendly price, and a less complicated inhalation technique than a convection model, then a hybrid vaporizer seems to be the best solution.

VapoManiak – professional vaporizer reviewer

🔥 Butane vaporizers – are they a good option for you?

Butane vaporizers are an interesting proposal for those who enjoy turning inhalation into a kind of ritual. The need to use fire to heat the herb will satisfy anyone who misses the traditional ‘smoke’.

There is a reason that more and more people, instead of electronic vaporizers, are choosing butane ones – in the perception of some users, the pleasure derived from inhalation is much greater. This applies not only to the quality of the vapour but to the entire ambience that turns inhalation into a kind of ceremony. Learn how a butane vaporizer works and why choosing such a solution is worthwhile.

How does a butane vaporizer work?

The mechanism of a butane vaporizer is very simple. The basic difference between a manual and an electronic device is that the former does not have a battery or any complex components.

It is a 100% analog device. Before inhalation (or during it, depending on the model), the vaporizer must be heated manually using a special butane-filled torch lighter – hence manual vaporizers are often also referred to as butane vaporizers.

which vaporizer is the best

In some cases, instead of the vaporizer, the air entering the chamber is heated, which then heats the herb. It’s advisable to equip yourself with a special jet-flame burner, which facilitates the heating of the herb – or the air heating it – in a manual vaporizer and copes better than a standard lighter.

In the case of some vaporizers – referring to devices by the brand DynaVap – you can use any heat source, including a match if you want to be very consistent in using the simplest solutions.

With every manual/butane vaporizer, we are free from the need to charge batteries – it’s enough to have a jet-flame burner with us.

Why do we love butane vaporizers? 😍

The most important advantage of manual vaporizers is the fact that they really don’t have any components that could break.

As a result, the device can serve you for many years. In the case of electric vaporizers, there’s a need for charging or replacing batteries, and the technology used in them can be so complicated that one fault may require… replacing the equipment with a new one.

With manual vaporizers, they usually consist of only a few components – so there’s practically no risk that anything will get damaged. There are also no electronic components that could fail.

Incredible efficiency of inhalation

Another huge advantage of manual vaporizers is the efficiency of inhalation. In most models, it is much higher than in electric vaporizers.

Due to the higher vaporization temperature (compared to electronic models), we will be able to achieve the same effects using significantly smaller amounts of herbs.

In most manual vaporizers, we will be using about 0.1-0.2 g of herbs, which is significantly less than in most electronic models. This way, you can save quite a lot – especially if someone likes to use the vaporizer several times a day.

Many additional benefits 🌿

The higher vaporization temperature also means denser vapor. Manual vaporizers will therefore be an excellent choice for lovers of thick vapor clouds. The need to use fire and manually heat the vaporizer makes it a kind of ritual that can provide even more satisfaction from vaporization.

Of course, it is worth mentioning the ecological aspect – manual vaporizers do not need to be charged or have their batteries changed. It is a very simple solution, perfect for people who want to care for the environment, while also liking to be free from cables and chargers.

Additionally, manual vaporizers are free from electronics and are usually made of materials that are easy to recycle, which cannot be said about their electronic relatives.

Is a butane vaporizer a solution for everyone? 

People whose approach can be described as: “I just want to press one button and expect the vaporizer to be ready for inhalation without any effort on my part,” may not be fully satisfied with a manual vaporizer.

Here you need to put in a bit of your energy and attention to heat the vaporizer well. In some cases, the inhalation technique is also more complicated than in electronic models.

Few manual models inform their owners that the vaporizer is ready to work and, conversely, that it has also cooled down for another effective inhalation.

An exception are DynaVap vaporizers, equipped with a heating chamber cap featuring a clever temperature sensor that clicks when reaching the temperature or when it drops below the optimal level.

Lucas Cysewski – CEO and Founder of VapeFully

If you like when the device does everything for you, and you don’t want to put too much effort into inhalation, an electronic vaporizer might be a better solution for you.

Another important aspect is that vaporization using a manual device requires certain skills and experience.

People who have never vaporized may have a problem with seeing when the vaporizer is ready to work and whether the quality of the vapor is satisfactory. Of course, some manual vaporizers are characterized by the fact that after proper heating, they emit an audible signal (usually a characteristic click) indicating it is ready, but in most cases, the user is reliant on their feeling.

However, there may be a problem with evenly heating the heating chamber – beginners often experience so-called hotspots (the herb in some places overheats) or even burn the herb in the chamber.

Fortunately, in most cases, it is enough to use a manual vaporizer once or twice to fully learn how to operate it – so people who are interested in manual vaporization but are just starting their vaping journey should not have too many concerns.

Just a little patience and willingness to learn the specific technique of use is required.

A butane vaporizer is a very interesting proposition

Vaporization enthusiasts are divided into those who cannot imagine life without electronic vaporizers and those who most appreciate butane devices. Certainly, a butane vaporizer is something worth testing!

Session and on-demand vaporizers – which one to choose? 🤓

Planning to buy a vaporizer but have no idea which model to choose? The choice is so vast that it’s hard to navigate. Vaporizers are divided into several types, including stationary and portable, convection and conduction, as well as session and on-demand. Learn what the last division means and which vaporizer is better to choose: on-demand or session?

Session and on-demand vaporizers – what’s the difference?

Currently, most people opt for portable vaporizers. They allow for inhalation practically anywhere, including outside the home.

This is a good solution for active people who want to enjoy the power of their favourite herbs anywhere. Portable vaporizers are divided – among many other classifications – into session and on-demand. The choice depends on whether you prefer long inhalations or short ones that last no longer than a few minutes.

Session vaporizers allow for longer inhalations. They last until all the herb in the chamber is vaporized. In this case, the sessions are not divided into several smaller ones. Even if you pause inhalation for a moment, the herbs will still be heated by the heating chamber.

Pax Plus

This means that for some time the herbs are heated even though you are not performing inhalation. To avoid unnecessary use of herbs, you should complete the entire inhalation using the full chamber.

Most available models, which use conduction and hybrid methods of heating the herb, are session vaporizers.

Watch out – on-demand vaporizers work differently than session ones!

They deliver vapor within a few seconds of turning on the device, allowing for very quick and short inhalations. The most important feature of on-demand vaporizers is that they heat up very quickly and cool down equally fast.

Sticky Brick Original

As a result, the herb in the chamber is not heated for too long, so it does not lose its properties and aroma. This allows you to interrupt and resume inhalation at any time. This is a good option for people who need short and intense inhalations, where only part of the herb in the heating chamber is used during one session.

Usually, on-demand vaporizers use a convection heating method, where the herb is heated by a stream of hot air.

Pros and cons of using session and on-demand vaporizers

As in every case, session and on-demand vaporizers have their pros and cons. The biggest advantage of session vaporizers is the convenience of use – you just turn on the vaporizer and inhale from it from time to time, without the need to pay attention to it or press any buttons.

If you like vaporization with friends and it’s your way to relax during the day, a session vaporizer will certainly work for you.

However, this solution is not without drawbacks. Interrupting the session before using all the herbs will cause it to continue being heated, which means a certain decrease in efficiency.

When you want to return to inhalation, the herb may lose some properties, but it will lose its taste and aroma.

The biggest advantage of on-demand vaporizers is the possibility of performing short inhalations. If during the day you do not have too much time for long sessions, this solution will be perfect for you. A huge advantage of this solution is that the chamber cools down very quickly, and the herb is heated only at the moment of inhalation.

VapoManiak – professional vaporizer reviewer

Efficiency is one of the basic criteria to consider when choosing a vaporizer – especially if you care about saving herbs. Unfortunately, on-demand vaporizers also have their drawbacks. The biggest one is – as you probably guessed – short battery life.

Frequent heating and cooling means that the vaporizer uses a lot of battery power. When choosing this model, it is worth choosing one with a strong or replaceable battery, or, even better, with the possibility of charging during inhalation, for example, using a power bank.

On-demand vaporizers are usually more difficult to operate and generally are not suitable for use in a group of people, which will be a significant drawback for some users.

For whom is a session vaporizer, and for whom is on-demand?

Before making the final decision, try to consider what exactly your expectations are. The basic question is: do you have enough time during the day to do a full inhalation using the entire content of the herb? And do you want to?

Or maybe you can only afford a short break from daily duties, and you can only spare a moment for inhalation?

In the second case, it’s better to choose an on-demand vaporizer – with it, you will also save a lot of herbs.

Additionally, consider whether you prefer vaporization alone or in a larger group. If you like inhalation with friends, a session vaporizer is a better choice. It allows for longer inhalations, during which you can share your vaporizer with other people.

In summary, if you prefer quick inhalations, almost on the go, choose an on-demand vaporizer. Just remember to choose a device with a reasonably strong battery. Of course, there is nothing to prevent you from performing long sessions using an on-demand vaporizer.

However, if you plan only longer inhalations, a session vaporizer will be a better solution for you – the battery will last much longer, and you will be able to relax with friends.

Session and on-demand vaporizers – the choice doesn’t have to be difficult

Now you know the characteristics of the session and on-demand vaporizers. Although making a decision is not easy, it’s good to know that there are devices on the market that allow inhalation in both session and on-demand modes. Therefore, if you appreciate both long and quick inhalations, such a solution will be optimal for you. An example of such a device is the X-MAX V3 Pro Vaporizer.

Do you know which vaporizer to choose now? 😎🥳

As you can see, the choice of vaporizers is very wide. People planning to buy a new vaporizer must answer a series of questions. Stationary or portable vaporizer? Convection or conduction heating of the herb? Session or on-demand vaporizer? Or maybe a butane vaporizer? We hope that thanks to our guide, you now know which vaporizer will be best for you! 

FAQ – here you will find answers to your questions:

>> What is the difference between convection and conduction? 

This is one of the most important things every vaporizer user should know. The method of heating the herb affects many elements – from experience during inhalation to the efficiency of the device or the quality of the vapor. Let’s start with conduction, as it is the most ‘traditional’ method.
It involves heating the herb by contact with the heated wall of the heating chamber. For the herb to be heated evenly, it must adhere perfectly to the walls of the chamber – the herb should be finely ground and must tightly fill the entire chamber. In this way, it will be more effectively utilized.
A huge advantage of conduction is that there is a lot of vapor, it is dense and appears practically at the beginning of inhalation. Unfortunately, the taste of the vapor may be slightly worse due to the heating of the herb between inhalations. With some models of vaporizers, it’s also advisable to occasionally stir the herb in the middle of a session.
Keep in mind that conduction vaporizers usually offer longer inhalations, consisting of several draws in a row, and it is not recommended to interrupt or divide the inhalation into several smaller ones.
The convection method is considered more modern. It involves heating the herb through a stream of hot air that enters the heating chamber during an inhalation. In this way, the herb is quickly heated to the optimal temperature.
Inhalations are shorter, and they can be interrupted at any moment without loss of efficiency. Downsides? Convection consumes a lot of energy, so such a vaporizer may need frequent charging, and such devices are usually a bit more expensive.
It is also worth mentioning hybrids, which combine convection and conduction. Such vaporizers are exceptionally popular now because they combine the advantages of both solutions while being free from their typical downsides. Those looking for a truly modern solution should consider purchasing a hybrid vaporizer.

>> What are the types of heating chambers?

It might seem that all heating chambers in vaporizers are similar. Just an ordinary, small container where we place the herb to reach the right temperature. Nothing could be further from the truth! In the vaporizers available on the market, we can find various types of heating chambers, which differ, for example, in size.
People who care about quick inhalations will certainly appreciate chambers that, for example, can hold about 0.1 g, while fans of long inhalations will choose a model with a capacity of 0.3 g or more.
The material of the heating chamber is also very important. The best solution is ceramic and glass/quartz chambers because they do not allow the taste of the vapor to be disturbed in any way. Stainless steel also works well, but it does not provide as pure a taste.
Unfortunately, in the case of cheap devices, where plastic elements are near the heating chamber, the high temperature can cause the taste of the vapor to be far from ideal, and health concerns may also arise. Devices from this last category, of course, are not found in our offer.

>> What are the ways to control the vaporization temperature?

Manufacturers offer different types of solutions, but devices with electronic temperature stabilization and the widest possible temperature range are the most popular. As is known, some delicate herbs may require very low temperatures, others slightly higher, while concentrates definitely require high temperatures.
It is also important whether we can set the temperature to an accuracy of one degree, or whether we have available pre-set vaporization modes, where the temperature is predetermined. Regardless, in such devices, the temperature will be continuously maintained at the level set by the user.
At the other extreme are devices without electronic temperature stabilization – this most often applies to butane devices, but among battery-powered ones, we find such cases too, e.g., MFLB Vaporizer. In the case of such vaporizers, we usually control the temperature in the chamber by changing the speed of inhalation, which is more difficult and requires more skill than inhalation with vaporizers with digitally stabilized temperatures.
What device you choose should depend primarily on your expectations. If you vaporize different herbs and concentrates, choose a device with a wide temperature range and full control, accurate to 1 degree. However, if you typically use more common herbs, dedicated modes will be sufficient – and you won’t have to wonder what the optimal temperature will be.
We definitely recommend devices with digitally stabilized temperature for beginners, while we recommend butane devices for more advanced users – except for DynaVap vaporizers, which have a clever temperature regulation mechanism and are also suitable for beginners.

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