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How to properly dry cannabis?

Do you frequently use cannabis products and wonder what process cannabis undergoes before reaching you as a dried herb or another product? Learn about the process of drying cannabis!

What will you learn from this article?

👉 How can dried cannabis be used?

👉 How and where is the best place to dry cannabis?

Table of contents:

Dried cannabis – how to use it? 🤷

Dried cannabis is very popular today, and the number of cannabis products is constantly growing. Importantly, dried cannabis can be used in many ways – provided that the THC content does not exceed 0.2%. Such dried cannabis is completely legal and can be used for various purposes, including aromatherapy. The most popular method of using CBD-dried cannabis is vaporization. This method allows for the full utilization of all active ingredients found in the dried herb. Importantly, it is completely safe as the vapour is free from harmful substances. During vaporization, you can use not only dried cannabis but also many interesting herbs such as sage or lemon balm. This is certainly an interesting option for those who want to take comprehensive care of themselves using natural methods to support the body.

What should be done before drying cannabis?

Drying cannabis is a crucial step that significantly impacts the quality of the final product. However, many other factors are also important, including the cultivation method, harvesting technique, plant storage, and the cannabis strain. Before drying cannabis, proper preparation is necessary. Much depends on the chosen drying method. As you know, drying a small amount of cannabis is quite different from drying it on a large scale in a company. It is therefore essential to ensure the quality of the plants and prepare everything necessary for drying the cannabis. Before that, however, you should learn how to dry cannabis and choose the method that will be best in your specific case.

The process of drying cannabis is not just a technique; it is the art of preserving the plant’s value. In the right conditions and with proper care, we transform raw potential into the essence of nature, ready for further use.

Lucas Cysewski – CEO and Founder of VapeFully

How to dry cannabis? 🤔

It’s time to explain how to dry cannabis. There are several methods for drying cannabis. The choice of the appropriate method mainly depends on the expected results and the scale.

Among professional cannabis drying methods, you can find oven drying and vacuum drying. Currently, oven drying is considered the most precise method, allowing for the best results. Many companies involved in cannabis processing use this method. Vacuum drying is also a professional method. Special vacuum devices are used here to lower the water evaporation temperature. This allows drying at lower temperatures, preserving many biologically active ingredients.

For small-scale cannabis drying, there are many amateur methods. Of course, these are not as precise as the aforementioned methods. However, it’s good to know that such methods exist. These include drying cannabis in a cardboard box, tents, or even a microwave. Those who want to slightly reduce the moisture content of cannabis can also use sunlight. This is undoubtedly the oldest and most natural drying method – not only for cannabis. Of course, you should ensure that the cannabis is not exposed to moisture or pests.

Where to dry cannabis? 👩‍🍳

The place for drying cannabis depends on the chosen drying method. For large companies, these are usually specially designated areas with various vacuum dryers or ovens used for drying cannabis. If someone simply wants to reduce the moisture content of their cannabis, they can dry it anywhere – in their home, garden, or elsewhere.

How to properly dry cannabis – summary 🚀

You now know how to properly dry cannabis. It’s important to keep in mind that – although drying different cannabis strains is similar – this guide pertains only to legal cannabis products with THC content within the legal limit. However, it is worth learning about the cannabis drying process, even just out of curiosity. This is especially interesting for those who are not only interested in using cannabis products but also in the process of their creation – right from the cultivation stage.

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