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How to use the nail for concentrates?

A ‘nail’ is a plate that serves for dabbing, which is concentrate vaporization. From this article, you will find out what exactly is a ‘nail’ and how it works. The use of a nail guarantees the best dabbing experience, so if you look for a strong vapor, this will be the best choice for you!

Dabbie Pro Portable E-Nail
Dabbie Pro Portable E-Nail

What is a ‘nail’? It’s a cap that you install on a special water pipe to vaporizer concentrates. It can be made of titanium, ceramic or quartz. You place on your vaporizer, where you normally have a blowpipe, but bear in mind that it doesn’t fit any water pipe – you can find out below which types of water pipes are suitable for this.

The nail is heated with a butane lighter until it reaches the requires temperature. Once it cools down a little, you place a small amount of concentrate (so-called dab) on top of it. The concentrate starts evaporation and you can inhale the produced vapor through a water pipe. That’s the general description of the process. How does it exactly work, then?

What do you need for dabbing?

The first element you need to build your own vaporizer for concentrates is a water pipe. IT must be a pipe, in which you can remove the blowpipe, and which has an independent tube that transports the vapor under water. Only in this kind of water pipes will you be able to still filtrate the vapor through water.

Oil Black Leaf Dabber
Oil Black Leaf Dabber

Also, the blowpipe must be installed vertically, rather than be inclined, which is the case in the majority of water pipes. Thanks to that, the nail won’t be crooked after you install it in place of the blowpipe. The nail must be in a perfectly horizontal position, otherwise, the melted concentrate will leak.

The nail can be made of titanium, ceramic or quartz. Each type of material guarantees a different type of experience. Titanium heats up the fastest and it’s the most durable. Quartz provides the purest flavor and ceramic holds the temperature longer than other materials. We always recommend titanium nails to those who are new to dabbing.

Remember that the nail must be adjusted to the cut diameter of the water pipe, as well as to its type – male (concave joint) or female (convex joint). We have various types of nails in our offer and they fit various types of joints. If you have any doubts about which nail you should choose of a specific water pipe, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

A carp cap is a cover that you put over the nail once you’ve put your concentrate in place. The Carb cap serves as a ‘clutch’ and lets you regulate the vapor thickness. Carb caps are usually made of titanium and many of them have a built-in dabber on the other end.

A dabber is a tool that server for concentrate application and you use it to put a dab on the hot nail. The heat makes the concentrate melt and flow into the nail.

Butane lighter – you need it to heat up the nail. Since the heating process takes quite some time, the lighter should be powerful enough and be resistant to overheating. For this job, we recommend FLAMY lighter.

Vaporization with a nail

Before the first use, each titanium nail needs to be toughened. Heat the nail up until red, then use metal tongs to place it in a container with cold water. Repeat the process a few times. Wait until the nail cools down completely, dry it and install on your water pipe.

Black Leaf T2 Titanium Oil Nail
Black Leaf T2 Titanium Oil Nail

Now you can heat your nail and start the vaporization. Switch the butane lighter and use its flame to heat the nail. Do it in circular movements so that the nail heats evenly. Switch off the lighter and set a timer – wait for 30 seconds so that the temperature of the nail drops to the level that’s perfect for vaporization.

Now it’s time to apply the concentrate. With a dabber, select a small dab from the concentrate. It should be the size of a rice grain. Put it onto the hot nail and at the same time, take a slow draw through the mouthpiece of the water filter. Do a few circles with the dabber inside the nail so that all the concentrate from the dabber melts.

Put the dabber back and cover it with the carb cap. This is when the intense vapor production begins. Usually, one dab allows for 2-3 draws of thick vapor and guarantees a great experience.

Once you finish the inhalation, heat the nail a bit with the lighter and remove the remains of the concentrate with a cotton bud.

Check this video to see how the nail use looks in practice:


Remember that it’s always better to apply too little than too much of a concentrate. These substances are very strong and quite expensive. It would be a pity to evaporate a larger amount of concentrate than you can actually enjoy during one session.

If you have any doubts or questions related to the use of a nail or you don’t know which nail to choose, contact us and our experts will be happy to help!

If you have doubts whether your vaporizer is suitable for aromatherapy or you would like to get more information about it – contact us, our experts will be happy to give you professional and free advice!

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