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The Knowledge Section is a real goldmine of information about vaporization and vaporizers!

Here you will regularly find blog entries with advice on choosing a vaporizer, tips and tricks for specific models and news about vaporization in general. On our blog you will also find out about upcoming product launches and key events in the world of vaporization, as well as read reviews by our experts about different vaporizer models. Aromatherapy lovers will also find satisfying content – we frequently publish articles about herbal aromatherapy, a practice that has been often overlooked in association to vaporization. Let us help you discover all the uses your vape can have!

cbd a karmienie piersią

Can CBD be used while breastfeeding?

The development of the hemp industry has enabled the exploration and popularization of issues related to CBD, one of the main components of this plant.…

Czy po medycznej marihuanie można prowadzić auto

Can you drive after using medical marijuana?

The continuously growing popularity of medical marijuana poses new challenges for society, one of which is road safety. There’s a common belief that consuming marijuana…

jaki waporyzator do medycznej marihuany

Which vaporizer for medical marijuana?

Have you been prescribed medical marijuana and are about to start therapeutic cannabis treatment? Are you wondering which method of cannabis intake will give you…

palenie cbd w miejscu publicznym

Can you smoke CBD in public places?

Have you been reaching for hemp products more often lately, yet still unsure if their use is fully legal? For example, are you wondering if…

edibles co to

What are edibles and what effects do they have?

Edibles, which are food products containing cannabinoids, are becoming increasingly popular in the world of marijuana use for both recreational and medical purposes. The effect…

kief co to

What is kief? What can grinder pollen be used for?

Kief, also known as grinder pollen, is one of the most sought-after products resulting from grinding dry herbs. It contains concentrated amounts of cannabinoids, making…